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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 22 (January 1937)

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In March 1937 Dr. Irwin spoke on the "Multiple independent antigens
red blood cells of birds" before the American Association of Immunologists.
On May 3,  Dr. Cole talked to the Zoological Seminar group at Michigan
State College on "The relationships of animals."
May 21, Doctors Cole, Casida and Dickerson went to Washington, D. C. to
discuss plans for the establishment of a Regional Cattle Breeding Laboratory.
July 19-26 they attended a meeting of the American Dairy Science Association
at Lincoln, Nebraska, where they presented the regional breeding plan 'to
ment Sta Lion Workers.
July 10, Dr. Cole attended a Poultry Meeting in Chicago, and July 15,
a bee breeding conference in Washington, D. C.
In October Dr. Cole attended an Experiment Station - Poultry Industry
Conference in Chicago, held under the auspices of the National Advisory Committee
on Research in Subjects Related to Eggs and Poultry, of which he is chairman.
He was also chosen as temporary president of the Board of Trustees of the
Products Revolving Fund, Inc., which has been established for the purpose
aiding poultry research.
Dec. 1 - 3, Dr. Brink, Dr. W. K4 Smith and Dr. D, C. Cooper attended the
annual meeting of the American Society of Agronomy at Chicago.     Dr. Brink
presided over the two sessions, one the Alfalfa Improvement Conference, and
the other a symposium on "Induced polyploidy in relation to plant Improvement."
Doctors Cole, Brink, Irwin, Casida, Rieman and Shrigley attended the
meetings of the AAAS in Indianapolis during the Christmas Holidays. Dr. Cole
presided over the-meetings of the Genetics Society of America in the absence
of Dr. E. M. East, the president of the society.    Dr. Irwin gave a paper
entitled "Genetic analysis of species differences in Columbidae."
Dr. Casida
presented a paper entitled "Augmentation of pituitary gonadotropic extracts
by heme," and Dr. Shrigley presented a paper entitled "Qualitative
and quantita-
tive differences in the morphology of spermatozoa from members of two dove
and from their F1 and backcross hybrids." MrShuman, Dr.Ferguson, Mr.
Ledingham, Mr.
Waletsky and Professor Jollos also roprosentod Wisconsin at the meetings.
The Linkage Group held their annual fall get-to-gether November 15 in the
Memorial Union4    The program was made up with the idea of introducing the
members of the group to each other as well as entertain them, and we think
served both purposes well.
Just as we go to press Dr. E. P. Stork reports that 'lo has just left a
nine pound son for Do and lirs, G. E. D1ckorson.

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