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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 24 (December 1938)

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whose first-hand contact with these questions is of interest to the graduate
students, the topic seems to be a valuable one.
For the past six months the graduate students in the department have
been meeting once a week as a group without professorial guidance. .le have
named our new meetings "The Translocation". Subjects of talks range
chemical theories concerning the nature of the gene to a report on William
Beebe's new book, Zaca Venture. The credit for organizing The Translooation
goes to Ben Smith aindRay Owen.
Dr. Cole returned from five weeks' vacation in New Mexico to tell
us of conditions on the sheep range. At Fayetteville, Arkansas, he met two
former students, W. R. Horlaoker (Ph.D. 1929) and Isabel Bunten Watts (Bot.
Ph.D. 1930). Dr.J'HoFacKer is ead of the Animal Husbandry      epartmenit
has charge of bacteriology and dairy manufactures--quito enough to keep one
man busy. Incidentally, he recalled that the name of THE GENOTYPE was his
suggestion. At present, Mrs. Watts is "at home" in her scenically
house. Her husband is pathologist in the Horticulture Department.
Robert H. Andrew (B.A. 1938) is majoring in genetics. He is assisting
in Agronomywit The meet corn breeding and tosting program which was initiated
in 1937.
W. Tom Atkinson (B.SA. Univ. Sydney, 1934) is spending a year here on
a research-fe vowsp. He is interested in alfalfa.
C. R. Burham (Ph.D. 1929) has transferred from the University of West
Virginia to the Division of Agronomy and plant Genetics, University Farm,
versity of Minnesota, St. Paul.
Russell W. Cumley (Ph.D. Univ. Texas, 1938) is replacing John Dick
as assistant Fo-UDr: Irwin on immunogenetic studies of pigeons, doves, and
domestic fowl. At Texas, he worked on species differences in same fifteen
of Drosophila, using precipitin and complementary fixation methods.
Peter G. Hogg (II.S.A. Univ. Sask. 1937) is assisting Dr. H. L. Ahlgron
on the sudan grass pryolem in Agronomy and is minoring in Genetics.
w. H. Hollander (Ph.D. 1937) is with us again after a tour of Uni-
versities anidpigeon farms of the East and South. He is helping Dr. Cole
the pigeon-dove-hybrid records ready for publication.
Wesley Koller (M.S. Utah State), grass breeding agent at Logan, Utah,
has returne Tofinish some work on seed setting in alfalfa.
John S. McFarlane (BS. Montana State College 1938) is assistant to
Dr. G. H. FRean in the potato improvement work.
W. H. McGibbon (B.S.A. McGill 1932) of Moore's Mills, New Brunswick,
is working wiTh Dr. Irwin as graduate student. In New Brunswick, Mac did
tension work for the Poultry Division of the Department of Agriculture.

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