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Stratford centennial

In closing...,   p. 300

Page 300

In Closing...
From The Committee
The committee has saved the last page to once again express their appreciation to everyone who has
had a part in helping with the book. Without the co-operation of a great many people this publication could
not have been completed.
There will be many who will be disappointed that their family or business was not recognized in the
book. To those we express apologies. It was not possible to contact everyone individually. We had to rely
on our request for information through the Stratford Journal, Heritage Days publicity, flyers and word of
mouth. We appreciate greatly those who responded with donations of stories and photographs, family,
organization and business histories and general information.
The official Centennial Book Committee, Wally Marohl, Elaine Becher, Phyllis Schneider and Susan
Weber, spent long hours researching for the book. They poured through the back issues of the Stratford
Journal, spent hours at the library on the microfilm readers scanning issues of the Marshfield and Wausau
newspapers, proofread hundreds of pages of typing, and typed pages and pages of manuscript. It would
be impossible to add up the hundreds of hours they gave to the project. Dale Dooge took bits and pieces
of researched information, added research of his own and wrote the public school history, the Lions Club
history and the Reihle murder story. Donetta Ulrich provided information on organizations and businesses
and contacted many individuals for information. Marge Laessig joined in for the newspaper reading
sessions. Tom Becher was excellent in helping with research, especially the railroad information. They
are all to be commended for their contributions to this publication.
We are all too aware that the book barely touches on everything that has happened in our area in the
last 100 years. That would be a monumental task. As you read the book and if you find yourself thinking
about things we missed, please write them down and tell us about them. The Village is collecting infor-
mation as an ongoing project. The Stratford American Legion has donated their very historical cabin to
the village to be used as a historical museum and it is planned to provide exhibits about Stratford History.
Any stories and photographs you may have will help make those exhibits more accurate and interesting.
We hope you enjoy the Stratford Centennial Book
The Centennial Book Committee
Dear Reader,
Well this is it, the final page. The proofreaders have gone home and the many months of putting the
book together are over. The piles of papers and photographs that have accumulated on the floor of my home
office have dwindled and I can see the carpet once again. I will take this last batch of pages to the printer
in the morning and get back to work for the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.
The committee has thanked the many people who have worked on the book but I want to add a thank
you to some who have been behind the scenes.
A very special thank you to my mother, Mildred Shrake, who helped put all of this information on the
computer and has run countless errands for the past few months. Not only did she help with the book but
she kept my kitchen counter from disappearing under a mountain of dirty dishes and served up meals when
I didn't have time.
Another special thank you to my husband, Allen, who has been very understanding as I have been
"traveling in time", neglecting the world around me. For the last two months I have been "married" to the
book and couldn't be bothered with little things like laundry and cleaning and conversation.
My employers, the boards of directors for the Stratford Area Chamber of Commerce and the Stratford
Area Economic Development Foundation have been more than patient with me as I put my jobs on hold
and concentrated on the book.
This has been a marvelous experience learning about Stratford's growth and its wonderful people. It
will seem strange to get back to normal - whatever that may be. Thank you, Stratford. Enjoy the book and
I'll see you at the Centennial!

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