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Fourth annual report, St. Croix Co. Agricultural Extension Service: Nov. 1, 1940--Oct. 31, 1941

Livestock and poultry improvement,   pp. 12-13 PDF (842.7 KB)

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offered for sale. While it is hard to point to any direct benefit
from the program, the results will be forthcoming through the com-
ing years. Proper handling of milk and cream so as to prevent dirt
and bacteria from entering the milk, proper cooling, propor storing,
and proper hauling---these are the factors that enter into a Qual-
ity Milk program making it possible for all farmers to produce a
quality milk without additional expense.
                      Tri-County Holstein Picnic
      Holstein breeders of St. Croix, Pierce, and Dunn counties
 joinedin a tri-county picnic and program at Spring Valley July 12.
 This meeting was well attended and the program which had been arr-
 anged was well accepted by the Holstein breeders and others who
                  Cooperative Trucking Association
      Many farmers who are patrons of the River Falls creamery felt
 that they were paying an unjusttrucking charge for milk and cream.
 A group of these farmers solicited my cooperation in helping them
 to lower their trucking costs. As a result of contacting other
 similar creameries we felt that the trucking costs were relatively
 high. A cooperative trucking association was proposed and after
 due consideration the River Falls Cooperative Trucking Association
 was formed. The original intention was for the association to buy
 one truck and hire a hauler to operate it. This would serve a group
 of farmers located largely in the town of Kinnickinnic. However,
 as a result of the first work done by this association the request
 came from many farmers in adjoining areas for a similar service.
 As a result, this same association has expanded to the point where
 they have five routes of hauling milk to the River Falls Cooperative
 Creamery. Not only are they getting lower hauling charges, but the
 cooperative is paying a percentage dividend to its members. This
 association is proving very popular in the area it serves, and we
 have every reason to believe its success will continue.
     We have devoted considerable time to improvement of livost ok,
including hogs and sheep in particular, and poultry. We feel that
a well-balanced farm program should include not only the production
of dairy cows but hogs, sheep, and poultry. One of the things that
our farm management survey has indicated is the need for diversif-
ication of farm enterprizes.
     The Wisconsin Ram Truck made its annual stop in the county
this year and many of our farmers took advantage of the chance to
buy good rams at reasonable prices to head up their flocks. Several
good rams were sold at the Ram Sale held in connection with the
annual Bull Sale. A wool marketing meeting was held in Deccmber,
at which time much valuable information was given to the sheep
raisers of the county relative to marketing their wool and managing
their farm flocks. Several farmers purchased boars at the Boar
Sale which was also held in connection with the annual Bull Sale,
Hog Cholera came into the picture this summer and was a real throat
to the hog industry for a time at least. Many of the farmers in
the community in which the infection occurred vaccinated their hogs

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