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Hagen family; Sende, Elling Anderson / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 2 ([unpublished])

From Elling Andersen (Sende)/ Meelye Camp 2 March 1890 PDF (290.2 KB)

From Elling Andersen (Sende)
Meelye Camp 2 March 1890
Dear Sister's son Anders!
As long   as  I  have such a good opportunity I want to
 take a little time to write you a few   lines, to  first   say
 that   I have my health and am living well.   I am now in the
 woods.  I have been here about two months and in three    more 
weeks I plan to be in Eau Claire if I have my health.
I had   a  letter from home lat Sunday and they are all
 well   likewise.   My daughter   Anna  has  gotten a    little 
I received a letter from you a while ago in which I see
 that   you would   like to come to America if I will send you
 the ticket and that I will do.    My wife Guruanna has talked
 with the ticket agent so he will send it in   the  middle   of 
March, so  the   best for you is to get yourself ready so you 
can leave when the ticket comes so you can be here    in  time 
for   the  start-up  of the mills.  She, Guruanna,  says that 
you will be going on the White Star Line but I do not    think 
that   it would be practical for you to take too many clothes 
as they are not very usesable    here  in this   country.  The
 only   thing is short stockings and gloves.  Otherwise, other 
clothes are not needed except a couple changes.    Likewise on 
the trip it is necessary to have a small suitcase so you can 
have some smoked meat, butter and similar   things.   Likewise
 a  suitcase   with  clothes  which must be fastened good with 
iron so that it    doesn't  fall  apart. However,  it doesn't
 have to be anything good as it will not be useable here.    On 
the   trip you must be watchful so that you do not lose your
I would like it if   you  could  bring along  a   couple 
sheath  knife   handles.   Also  I would like to have a couple
 knives for the boys, one pair as you   would  use  them,   and
 another  smaller   pair  of steel knives.   If you can lay out 
for this,  I will send you money as    soon as   I come   down
 (from   the  woods).  And finally a friendly greeting.   Greet 
everyone we know, but be yourself most kindly greeted from
Elling Andersen
Write back what day you will be leaving Trondhjem so we
can know what time you are coming.
Finally, if you will buy a gold ring for three or   four
 dollars as large as this measurement.
My address: 
Elling Anderson
725 Water STr.
Eau Claire Wis.
U. S. America

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