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Hagen family; Sende, Elling Anderson / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 2 ([unpublished])

From Elling and Guruanna Sende/ Eau Claire Wis Oct. 22nd 1889 PDF (350.3 KB)

From Elling and Guruanna Sende
Eau Claire Wis Oct. 22nd 1889
Dear Brother-in-law and family:
As   it  is  a long time since we have had a letter from
 you, I will send you some lines so that you can hear how   it
 is with us, and to remind you that it would be fun for us to 
hear   how  it is with the relatives and friends there in the "old
once in awhile.
Concerning us, everything is as usual.   We all have our 
health and more than that we cannot of course   ask  for.  We 
are  now   beginning   to be   along in years and it cannot be 
expected that the work goes as easily    as in  former  days.
 This   summer I have worked in the sawmill as usual and this
 winter I am planning on going to the woods, but it will    not 
of   course  be  very  early.   I will no doubt be going even
 though winter in the woods with its pushing and   pulling  is 
always  long  enough for ~ person at my age.   Our son, Karl,
is planning also to go to the woods this   fall  if  he  gets
 light   work. Gustav   was confirmed Sunday the 6th: he is so 
young yet that he will have to stay home a while.
I am to greet you from our old neighbor, Ole   Eskilsen.
 He   had  planned to visit the old country this summer, and I
 was supposed to have been the one to take care of   his  home
 until   he  returned, but   then  he became   sick, and so the 
Norway trip was   cancelled.   He  has been   sick the  whole
 summer, but now is much better.    I had a letter from him the
 other   day, and  also   from  another of  our old neighbors, 
Elling Moan.  You must greet everyone at Moan and tell   them
 that   we  are expecting Elling.   He has promised to come and 
visit us, and when you write to us you must tell us    how it 
is   over at Moan.  Also I must tell you that I have received
 Nordenfjelske-Tidene, and I thank you so much for the bother 
you had in getting it sent to me.    The first number was  for 
the    5th  of  September   and  since then   they have  come 
regularly.   I  have   sent  payment for   one year  to    the
 newspaper office, and if it should happen that you have paid
 out    something  you  mustsurely  get   it utilized   at  the 
publishers.   Also I would like you to tell the  editor  that 
he should send me a notice when the subscription is expired.
I am to greet yhou from Anna and her husband and little 
son.   Little Odin is big and good and Grandpa's pet.  We are 
sending   you a   portrait this time so that you can get some 
kind of idea of how we look.    And we hope to receive one of
 you - husband, wife and children.
This   will  have   to  be  enough for this time. I will 
finish my letter with the fondest greetings from us    to  all
 of   you.  Greetings   to our old neighbors and acquaintances
 and finally are you most fondly greeted from us
Elling and Gur anna Sende
725 Water St.
Eau Claire ,Wis.

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