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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the tenth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thurs. and Fri., January 27 and 28, 1910

Farrington, E. H.
A visit to the Ruetti-Zollikofen dairy school,   pp. 54-62 PDF (1.5 MB)

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A Visit to the Ruetti-Zollikofen Dairy
Prof. E. H. Farrington, University of Wisconsin.
I pres time there are a number of members of the Soutl;-
ern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Ass'n  who
are well acquainted( with the Dairy school located at Zolli-
kofen. At the time of my visit, April 14, 19)08, the annual
Schluss Prufung was being held. This, as many of you
know, is an oral examination of the students of the school
at the close of the winter term.
I was very much interested in the wav these examina-
tions were conducted, and in all of the closing exercises of
this dairy sc lool, which is one of the oldest in Europe. It
first started in the cheese factorv at the agricultural school
at Rutti. The school at that time had 110 special instruc-
tors, but those wvho managed the a-ricultural school gave
instructi(ns to the cheesemakers,
In 1891 the dairy school moved into its own buildings
and in 1893 it was entirely separated from the nearby agri-
cultural school and established with its own management
and teaching force. When first started, the course of in-
struction was for six months; from 18')0-1894 a one-year
course wvas given, and since 1894 both a six months and a
one-v ear course are reqluire(l to have at least two years
training in a cheese factory before entering the school.
During its first ten fears the school was attended bv
178 cheesemnakers, and in the last ten years by 339; making
a total of 517 who have taken the full course in twenty

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