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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the eighth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thursday and Friday, January 30-31, 1908

Marty, F.
Response to address of welcome,   pp. 23-24 ff. PDF (440.6 KB)

Page 23

Soy- in X  %N WIC( NSIN (iC III.sIT.M \IIIsIN .\SSoc(l rI).  23
F. NI ARTY, S''A'T'E ('ICHIEISE: FACTORl'.x 'Y, DAI.lRlY  Nil 1A4N 1)o
\\ith pi I)IiIve, ilk thlie 11;1111!' (A, tilt- 'Smilthit'1(  \iScilSill
4C'lvemiker.-C A\,s(.'iatioIll, I rtes1lidl to tIle I1114St Iealt
AvehlC4Iic e  vl dd 4III I  I Its M! NI r. Wilk. A40 r-ati, IDistrict A.I-
tl'r'l'!v f{1;-II W-l(tlil  \ithl -1-vatolt( 1datl|l:lvl(  I*(lzii to,
WL  CP  tI'lI II'lIl 1  NI I;I I I I  , I 11141  i l eilll I :t Ii I Ill
 (II  11 I11
wh1o(4 reIp1(41llt oie) c(bo the -re.litest illlSthit's (it, its lkihll ill
thet Stalte Id' W\iScc@lisill, it' lImt ill tilw Unlim]l.
It is withi  Ilile tIh. N1     aIssehliblol ill cotivi141ll at,
I'i011'4P. \\WP I  1a11) lld of tlie l'(WIhlill IeNeCpItll. til ht NVe 11,iVe
rvcvivi 41.  I ass1 rt1 \P VIl thi C 1  wc, *IS ch'ItS( i inakeys, aIre(
to c4)Iile tl MI;llm1111 (li jOy Y(4lI lyolur  jitlli. a11114 ill the
IiiI1iP of thii SSo ciati1)ll   wish t) extend14 t4o vI ull, Mr. Mc*
I'rltil, a1114 to tilhe 14e4)pl (I Moniroe, 4)1W 111moSt heart t IhailnlikS
fo' vo'll' lova'ltY siown lis.
We III(d lix asll or-Ia'lilZtioll to disclis oul. varioIu  qeI1s-
tiol1s, to4 talk over a 1d(1 rlPc )1unit ou1r1 valried eXlpri(elive of tile
past sealsoll. We believe thiat il thiis Ivav, an1d1 onlv IhNv s-li
ilntercollises, caii Nv  exptct to Ibe ill to d111te ill 0o11r p~rofexs-
siols, for it is hiere tihit the I)Cst tIlhloilits aud11 idteas in this
line of businiess col^lIvelg.
Not onlu are the best ehleesemakers to he found here dur-
inP this coliveItionl, but ou1r iworthy Sea        lr lhas sp)ired
no time ill rpa't  rllp i 1 Ill1st exce 1 ent 1)1-ralt li which clio '4 -

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