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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Capital budget program,   pp. 48 ff.

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Capital Budget Program
As Long Range planning for South Milwaukee began to take hold
in 1955 and 1956, the City Plan Commission set to work to compile
the history of capital improvement needs in the City. It established
the known historical trends and in 1957 the Commission completed the
study of physical needs as they saw them at that time, and in accordance
with the Master Plan prepared by Kurt Bauer in 1955, they issued a
4-part document creating a total capital budget program for the years
1960 through 1965 with a 3-year (1966-69) future allocation column
as well.
The Capital Budget Program contained the following divisions:
Part  I - Presentation; a general explanation of the program, the
necessity for such a program, how it operates and what can be accom-
plished by its use.
Part IIl- Summary of Long Range Improvement Program.
Part III - Operational Budget Recommendations.
Part IV - Analysis of Long Range Capital Improvements and
Analysis of Increased Operational Needs.
The document was submitted to the Common Council for adoption
in 1957 and has been used as a guide since that time in the preparation
of each year's budget and for the control and scheduling of capital
This present Master Plan Report will, of course, if it is to be im-
plemented, add many new items to the already scheduled list of public
improvements. It is not within the scope of this report to fully explore
the costs of the proposals set forth here, but at such time as this pro-
posed Comprehensive Plan is adopted as the new guide plan for future
development, the cost of projects contained herein will have to be care-
fully estimated and placed into the total schedule of the existing Capital
Budget Program. Just as each year's review of the program brings out
possible new departmental requirements which must be assimilated into
the program, so must a major change in the Comprehensive Plan be
assimilated into the total program. With the ongoing Capital Budget
Program that South Milwaukee now has, this is an easy and natural
renovation to an already successful operating procedure.                               48

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