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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Land use--existing,   pp. 21-23

Page 21

Land Use - Existing
As can readily be seen on the Land Use Map on Page 22, Heavy
Industry is located primarily along the Chicago and Northwestern Rail-
road tracks running in a north-south direction across the center of the
city, splitting the residential areas into two parts. The other major area
of industrial activity is east of 5th Avenue just south of Oak Creek Park-
way and then, separated by 5 blocks of residential quarters, another
industrial tract, the Sewage Disposal Plant and a third large industrial
tract. These lake front industrial tracts have obviously dampened resi-
dential interest along the shoreline, but on the other hand, do offer the
opportunity of utilizing more fully the possibility of harbor and shipping
The central commercial area is nestled closely into the very geo-
graphic center of the city, central to both industry and residents. South
Milwaukee's secondary commercial area is located along North Chicago
Avenue just inside the north city limits, where places of business cater
to trade from Cudahy and South Milwaukee as well. The very newest
commercial activity has developed just in the last several years on the
south side of Marquette Avenue between South Chicago Avenue and
9th Avenue. This former industrial land has now become a sizeable
shopping center area with three major national super-markets plus the
usual supplementary shops. Interspersed amongst the older housing
areas, and especially along 15th Avenue north of Marquette, Rawson
Avenue west of 14th, and 5th Avenue from Milwaukee Avenue to Marion
Avenue are isolated neighborhood grocery stores, taverns and similar
places of neighborhood commercial activity serving relatively small resi-
dential areas.
Schools, churches, playgrounds, and parks are well spaced through-
out the entire community.
Of exceptional note is the fact that with Oak Creek Parkway and
Grant Park, plus Rawson Park and the Drexel Playground, over 20% of
the area of South Milwaukee is in Park land.
In the residential categories, most of the older areas of the city
are an intermixture of single family and two family housing, much of
the latter has been converted from the original single-family structure.
Most of the new housing, on the other hand, is strictly single family living.

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