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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Relation to region,   pp. 2-3

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solutions in order that the ever changing organism, the City, may best
serve its inhabitants.
Thus, in 1963, the Plan Commission has felt the need for a fresh
eye to take a fresh look at the growth and development of the Com-
munity, and that new professional guidance make recommendations
to the administration and the citizens on possible directions the growth
might take and to outline the goals and objectives that might be achieved
in the long range viewpoint, even to the extent that some of the recom-
mendations may be, in today's eyes, "farfetched," "unattainable," or
"fantastic." The report, then, must be looked upon as one offering
advanced goals that can be achieved through thoughtful effort and the
desire to better one's community for an even better place in which to
live, worship, work and play.
Relation To Region
The heart of the City of South Milwaukee, located approximately
10 miles south-southeast of the heart of the City of Milwaukee, at the
confluence of Oak Creek and Lake Michigan, is the center of activity
of a rapidly growing community which is one of many links in the total
urbanized complex which is rapidly becoming a contiguous built-up
area from the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan westward around
the southern shoreline and then northward through Chicago and its
northern suburbs right up to Milwaukee's northern suburbs. In just a
very few years this "Megalopolis" will be a continuous City of almost
200 miles in length. This growth will leave South Milwaukee some 20
miles from the northern limits and with approximately 20 miles of
urbanized depth from the Lake Michigan shoreline to the westward, as
well. As an independent unit of government containing all of the neces-
sary physical components for self-sufficiency South Milwaukee can be
an extremely stable community by carefully regulating its growth and
development, its redevelopment and its quality. Being confined on the
south and west by the new and sparsely developed City of Oak Creek,
by the older and more developed City of Cudahy on the north and by
Lake Michigan on the east, this City of approximately 4.8 square miles
is in the unique position of being able to chart its own destiny in a very
satisfactory way.                                                                      2

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