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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Pott's directory of Sheboygan County. Alphabetical list of names of residents,   pp. 105-196

Page 105

                 With Section, Township and Post-Office.
   The following is a list of residents of Sheboygan County (excepting those residing in the
 cities of Sheboygan and Plymouth and in the villages of Sheboyan Falls and Elkhart Lake),
 followed by their section, township (or village) and post-office. here two numbers appear
 (16 or 23), the second denotes the number of the town in Town Greenbush or range in Town
 Holland. Where only one number appears in these towns, it denotes in Holland, that the re-
 spective section is in range 22, and in Greenbush, in town 1S.-Where the name of the town or
 village is the same as the post-office, such namenisoly given once. The figures in parenthesis fol-
 lowing a name, thus: (16(0denote the number of acres in the farm of the respective person. If
 the farm is rented, it is denoted thus: (160r).
                   SHEBOYGAN COUNTY DIRECTORY.                   105
  A BELING CHARLES, hotel and Adriansen P., 17, 23, Holland, Cedar
  . . saloon, Franklin.              Grove.
  Abeling Win., 25, Herman, Howard.    Agenten August, 13, Sheboygan Falls.
  Abers J. Mrs., 24, Mitchell, Cascade.  Agenten Joseph, 13, Sheb. Falls (80).
  Abers Roy, 24, Mitchell, Cascade.    Agenten Matthias, 13, Sheb. Falls.
  Abers S. M., Cascade.            Agin Henry, 34, Lyndon, Adell (120).
  Abraham Daniel, 6, Lyndon, Ply- Ahrens Chris., 3, Mosel (90).
  mouth.                           Ahrens Edward, 3, Mosel.
Abraham FE., 12, Lima, St. George. Ahrens Henry, 3, Mosel.
Abrink Hannah Miss, 14, Holland, Ce- Ahrens J. Mrs., 3, Sheboygan (80).
  dar Grove.                       Ahrens John, 3, Sheboygan (29).
Abrink John, 14, Holland, Cedar Ahrens Win., 3, lab., Sheboygan.
  Grove.                           Akin L. W., 8, Lyndon, Winooski(100).
Achsel Gottfried, 17, Sheboygan Falls Akin Mrs., 8, Lyndon, Winooski (80).
  (120).                           Albert Philipp, pastor, 8, Mosel.
Achsel Herman, 17, Sheboygan Falls. Albert & Garling, cheese mfrs., Glen-
Achsel Julius, 17, Sheb Falls (80). beulah.
Achsel Richard, 17, Sheb. Falls.   Albrecht Aug.. 1, Mitchell, Plymouth
Adam Jac., 1, Rhine (160).          (120).
Adam   Win., 21, Wilson, Sheboygan Albrecht George, 30, Herman, Frank-
  (60).                             U lin (65).
Aderhold H. Mrs., 33 Plymouth (40).  1 Albrecht Peter, 31, Holland, Dacada
Aderhold Willie, 33, Plymouth.    1 (814).
Adermann Bertha Mrs., 26, Rhine.  Alcox Thomas. collector, Sherman,
Adermann Charles, 26, Rhine.        Random Lake.
Adermann Christ., 26, Rhine (80). Allardt Chas., 7, Lyndon, Waldo.
Adermann Emma Miss, 26, Rhine.    Allcox George, 20, Lyndon, Cascade
Adermann Katie Miss, 26, Rhine.     (105).
Adlebusch John, 11, Scott (52).   Allcox John, 29, Lyndon, Cascade.
Adriance M.. 31, Wilson, Oostburg (17) Allcox Peter, 29, Lyndon, Cascade(90).
Adriansen M., Holland, Oostburg.  Allcox Thomas, hotel, Waldo.

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