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Ross, James, 1830-1884 / Wisconsin and her resources for remunerating capital and supporting labor

Head of navigation,   pp. 21-22 PDF (452.4 KB)

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  Roads have been opened into every settlement, and the pidlic
roads leading to market are well worked and liberal appropria-
tions made to keep them in repair. The United States military
road, leading from Green Bay to Lake Superior, passes through
the county nearly east and west. Another road passes through
the county north and south, opening up communication with
Osikosh. There are seven main roads leading from the village
of Shawano to all parts of the county, thus affording to the emi-
grant excellent facilities to locate at any point and at the same
be able to get his crops to market.
                     RIVERS A"D LARE.
  The Wolf river, emptying into the Fox, is a large and steady
stream suitable for navigation as far as the village of Shawano,
while above the village its fall furnishes abundant water power
for mills, &c. It runs through the county from north to south,
and furnishes a channel for carrying off our immense bodies of
pine timber. The Embarrass river is a large stream emptying
into the Wolf and running westerly through the county. Red
river is a stream containing a large number of valuable mill
sites, and at present is used for running logs to Wolf river.
Mill creek is a stream emptying into the Embarrass river. It
runs through a rich agricultural district, and contains several
good mill sites, and would furnish abundant power to run them.
Shawano outlet is a stream connecting Lake Shawano with the
Wolf river. Lake Shawano is a andsome body of water about
ten miles long by six wide, bordeted by handsome, thrifty pine
lands. White Clay lake and Loea lake connect with Lake
Shawano, and their surplus waters empty into the Wolf river,
thus affording a direct eomnunioation between the pine lands
which :urroundkthem and the luvber market at Oshkosh.
                    nEAD OF XAVVIGAkT1OI.
  Shawano is the head of navigation on the Wolf river, and is,
and must of necessity, remain the terminus of the river carrying
trade. All heavy freight is now brought by steamboat and
barge from the Lakes or Mississippi river to our village without

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