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Ross, James, 1830-1884 / Wisconsin and her resources for remunerating capital and supporting labor

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                         FPICR OF LAND8.
    Shawano county has about 655,000 acres of land, a very large
  portion of which is unimproved. The improved lands are held
  at an average price of twenty dollars per acre. Some of them
  Ase worth fifty dollars per acre. The unimproved lands can be
  purchased by settlers at prices ranging from fifty cents per acre
  to six dollars. The lowest priced lands are those from whieh
  the pine timber has been taken.. There is quite a quantity of
  Government land in the western part of the county, which the
  actual settlers can take under the " Homestead Act," on the pay-
  ment of about twelve dollars for a quarter section. There are
  about one hundred thousand acres of State land in the county
  which is sold at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre; in
  most cases, a few dollars on each forty acres is required to be
  paid down and on the balance the purchaser gets two years time,
  by paying annually seven per cent. interest on the amount, un-
  paid, which enables a poor man to obtain a farm at a mere nom-
  inal sum. Many of our German farmers have purchased their
  lands of the State in this manner and are now in prosperouo Air.
  oumstances. There is also quite a quantity of railroad land here
  that can be purchased at from two to five dollars per acre. The
A" ox River Improvement Co." own a large quantity of land in
this county, scattered through the several towns; these lands
were selected years ago with care, regard being paid to nearness
to market, &c., and they comprise some of the best lands in the
county, and there will be found to be some of the beat oak open-
ings, heavy timbered and pine lands in this section of the State.
The company sell these lands at prices varying from two to six
doiars per acre, and give the purchaser time on part of the- par-
chae moey.
  A     railway is already in progress from Green Bay to the Mis-
sisiPPi, and will pass near the southern boundary of the county.
There is also a prospect in the- future of a railway along the
W-ltriver valley, passing thouk  the county north and south,
as it is by far the best, and in faet tih only feasib e  rout*-to the
rich copper regions in the Ontonagon districts, by far the most
valuable in the United States.

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