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Ross, James, 1830-1884 / Wisconsin and her resources for remunerating capital and supporting labor

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                      BY JAMS   OSS.
  For years past, Wisconsin has been a favorite field for the in-
vestment of capital and of the means and labor of jimmigrants,
and as a result, the lately taken census shows her occupying a
substantial and conspicuous position among her sister States.
  Before endeavoring to show this, by facts and figures from the
late census reports and other reliable sources, I may as well, for
the information of those only acquainted with the State by repu-
tation, give the following information about it.
  Wisconsin is one of the Northwestern States of the American
Union, situated between latitude 42° 30' and 470 north of equa-
tor, and longitude 870 30' and 920 30' west of Greenwich, near
London, England. For its northern border, Wisconsin has the
largest body of fresh water in the World, Lake Superior; Lake
Michigan, a body of fresh water, almost equal in size, forms its
eastern border, and the Mississippi river, the largest river in the
World, but one, flows on its western boundary. The State of
Michigan lies on the east, Illinois on the south, and Iowa and
Minnesota on the west of Wisconsin. It has an average length
of about 260 miles, breadth 215 miles, and an area of 58,000
square miles. Deducting from this the surface occupied by
lakes, rivers, &c., there remains 53,924 square miles or 34,511,360
acres of land. Madison is the capital of the State, and Milwau-
kee the chief commercial city, both places being conmected with
two lines of railroads and also by lines with the other chief eities
of the State aid Chicago. Though there are no mountaim in
Wisconsin, there are many protiinent " mound," -o colned,
among them the Blue Mounds in Iowa and Doae mundets, 1,729
feet above the sea; the Platte Mounds 1,281 feet, Lantthe ft-
winew Mound 1,169l f6  in Gi-ft. H   i Tht:   is6oi-

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