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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Ruffed grouse, pheasant and partridge,   pp. 46-47 PDF (457.8 KB)

Page 46

this work in an efficient manner without paying wardens for the use of
equipment which they can ill afford to supply.
  Under the name of ruffed grouse, pheasant and partridge, this bird
is well known to all sportsmen as the king of all game birds. It is not only
the gamest of all game birds, but is the most palatable when served. This
fine bird is in much need of protection or its name will be inscribed with
those that have suffered extermination. Not many years ago these birds
were plentiful in Wisconsin, inhabiting every grove and woodland through-
out the state, and no thought was given to their protection until their
scattered numbers gave warning to the sportsmen that something must
be done.
  It was then that the first remedial law was passed, and that simply pre-
scribed a shorter open season for hunting them and a reduced bag limit.
The law protecting these birds is so promiscuously localized that a hunter
travelling through three counties will find the same number of different
laws. In other words, there are too many laws that apply only to separate
  It was a mistake that the last legislature did not prescribe a closed
season for partridge, for the past two seasons have been disastrous in
that the sleet, rain and ice during the winter months covered the forage,
destroying many of them. The cold rainy weather during the hatching

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