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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Division of wild life conservation,   p. 43 PDF (221.3 KB)

Page 43

                          By W. E. BARBER.
                   CONSERVATION WARDENS.
  The first year of the supervision of this division by the Conservation
Commission closed June 30, 1916, and we beg to report that much has
been accomplished in the reorganization of the warden department for
greater efficiency, in weeding out the dead timber and placing every warden
on his merits of efficiency to retain his position with this division.
%k Wardens have been advised that circumspection in their deportment was-
demanded in all of their official acts and that their duties were to be con-
fined entirely to the conserving of the wild life of the state, and that
political activities would no longer be the measure of their tenure in offle.
This departure has resulted in a more coherent organization which is
manifest in a imoe .ge-nl1interest by each and every warden in pushing
forward the activities of this division. We shall endeavor to add strength
to this division by carrying forward the policy we have established, and
enthusing the spirit of cooperation among our force, which must rxeult
in greater accomplishments in the futurrP-
  The consolidation of these various departments has promoted the
efficiency of the warden division tremendously. The permanent em-
ploye&of thp varinus, departments are all conservation wardens with police
powers to make arrests for any violations of the conservation laws, giving
this division added supervision in suppressing violations. Besides, the
parks and forests are essential for game cyers and naturally belong in
the great sqheze -Uconservation.
  We have in all at the present time 76 conservation wardens. This num-
ber is made up of 63 engaged entirety in the activities of wild life patrol
duties. Added to these are tckforestxangers and three parkuperintend-
ents who are located in vicinities where the services of wardens are es-
sential. Prior to the consolidation of these departments, the wide stretch
of wild timberlands of the northern part of the state were without ade-
quate protection, and the adding of the forest rangers to the warden
division had given that territory the much needed protection. The
park superintendents perform an important service in protecting the song
and insectiverous birds during the influx of campers during the summer
months. They also patrol a considerable additional territory during the
winter months.

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