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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Mrs. J. M. Bowman,   pp. 167-169 PDF (609.3 KB)

Page 167

memory of people still living. It was in her first home
that she endured, among other discomforts, that of the
use of green wood, also such privations as were inevita-
ble from the defective transportation.
    She used to tell how, if any article of use or con-
venience failed, she simply went without it, until the
roads-impassible for months at a time-became such as
enabled the men to get to Milwaukee. It was not the
shortage of money, but of transportation that rendered
life so restricted in those years. She was a typical
pioneer wife and devoted mother. Of the four children
born to Mr. and Mrs. Mills, there is no direct descendant
in the third generation. She died in June, 1884.
-             MRS. J. M. BOWMAN
        One of Madison's Prominent Pioneers
        Contributed by the John Bell Chapter, D. A. R.
    Mrs. J. M. Bowman, whose maiden name was Rose-
lah Mariah Smith, was a descendant of Lieutenant Sam-
uel Smith on her father's side, whose son, Capt. Asa
Smith, served in the American Revolution.
    Lieut. Samuel Smith sailed from Ipswich, England,
(Suffolk County), on April 21, 1634. His great grandson,
Deacon Aaron Smith, settled in what is now Athol,
Massachusetts, in the spring of 1736 and built a fine old
home. There Rose, as she was called, was born, August
31, 1834. On January 3, 1854, she married Samuel Hunter
    In 1855 they came to Madison where the husband
was an eminent architect-a member of the firm of Kutz-
bock & Donnel. The latter were the architects for the
second Wisconsin State Capitol, built in 1857-58, and
used until replaced by our present Capitol. Upon ar-
riving in Madison the Donnels boarded at the home of
David H. Wright, next to our City Library.

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