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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Pioneer women Racine,   pp. 35-37 PDF (604.5 KB)

Page 35

Although only four years old at this time, the circum-
stances of this catastrophe were such as to forever im-
press themselves on the childish mind. The Phoenix
burned but a short distance from the port of Sheboygan
and many of the survivors were brought into the settle-
ment. One of these, an immigrant girl, was taken into
the Ashby home and remained for several months. Food
and shelter were furnished the poor unfortunates who
had been passengers on this ill-fated boat and they were
assisted in every way possible-the Ashby family being
most active in this rescue work.
    Mrs. Manville was a faithful communicant of the
Episcopal church for almost sixty years and was closely
identified with the work of the parish during her entire
    Like many of the pioneer stock, Mrs. Manville was
of pure Yankee descent. She traced her ancestors be-
yond the Revolutionary period and was a direct de-
scendant of General Stark, leader of the "Green Moun-
tain Boys." She was for years a member of the Daugh-
ters of the American Revolution and even up to within
a very short time before her death was a faithful atten-
dant of the meetings and contributed much to the suc-
cess of the local Chapter by her genial personality, charm
of manner, and ready wit.
    Elizabeth Ashby Manville was of a most lovable
character and included both old and young among her
many friends. Her many fine qualities, combined with
the interest always aroused by her recollections of the
pioneer history of Sheboygan County, made her an out-
standing personality and her death a real loss to the com-
              PIONEER WOMEN
    Mrs. Milligan was the daughter of John and Sarah
Knapp, and sister of Gilbert Knapp, the first settler in
Racine. She was married in New York to James Milli-
gan, of Saratoga Springs. After her husband's death in

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