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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Burnham, Ellen B.
Miss Mary Mortimer,   pp. 75-77 PDF (569.6 KB)

Page 75

all. Here again Mrs. Low showed her courage by cheer-
ing the timid ones.
    Mrs. Low was a great lover of horseback riding and
would ride forty miles a day beside her husband, as well
as many rides over the hills where now the city of
Portage is.,
    Mrs. Konzie, Mrs. Van Cleve and many others were
friends of Mrs. Low.
    Mrs. Low traveled from Fort Snelling to Green Bay
by way of the Mississippi, Wisconsin and Fox Rivers in
keel-boats. The Indians propelled the boats by long
poles and would average about five miles an hour.
    In crossing Lake Pipen at an early day, a severe
storm arose and great fear was felt for their safety. Mrs.
Low put her two little girls to bed, thinking if the boat
went down they would be asleep, she sitting by their
side. However, the boat weathered the storm and they
arrived safely at Fort Snelling.
    Captain Low resigned from the army in 1840 and
died at the Indian Agency at Fort Winnebago, May 8,
    Mrs. Low spent the last years of her life at her
daughter's at Mineral Point, dying at the age of ninety.
So passed another of the early pioneer women of the
-         Author-Mrs. Ellen B. Burnham
         ................................., , ,,,,,, ,,,,......  ...... ..
 .......................... .......i
     The subject of this sketch was born near Bath, Eng-
 land, December 2, 1816. When a small child, her par-
 ents removed to America and lived for two years in the
 city of New York. They then took up their residence in

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