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Historical / architectural resources survey, Village of Thiensville, Ozaukee County

Bibliography/references consulted,   pp. 79-83

Page 79

Historical and Architectural Resources Survey
Village of Thiensville                                                     Page 79
Bibliography/References Consulted
Notes for all conversations, interviews and correspondence are on file at Heritage Research, Ltd.,
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Asterisks indicate references that were consulted but are not cited
within this report.
1920 Official Map of the State Trunk Highway System of Wisconsin. Madison, WI: Wisconsin
Highway Commission, 1920.
Abstract of title for 127 S. Main Street. In possession of current owner, Madaline Reddy, Thiensville,
Aikens, Andrew J. and Lewis A. Proctor. Men of Progress, Wisconsin. Milwaukee: Evening
Wisconsin Co., 1897.
Anzia, Ron. Longtime member of St. Cecilia's Catholic Church. Conversation with Traci E.
Schnell, 13 June 2003.
Architecture & History Inventory, Maintained by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Accessed online
Bayley, Mrs. Richard Current owner of 417 N. Main Street. Conversation with Traci E. Schnell, 2
June 2003.
"Better Roads." Material online located at Accessed
on 30 April 2003.
Biographical Sketch of Albert Moorman. Located on the website for the Northwest Architectural
Archives, University of Minnesota. Accessed on 3 January 2003 at http://special.lib.umn.
Boerner, A. Richard. "C. Friedrich Boemer and his Family" (1989). Located at the Ozaukee County
Historical Society, Cedarburg, WI.
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43 (1953): 380-402.
Bublitz Family. Genealogical and biographical information. In possession of Dawn Holyoke, great-
granddaughter of Otto Bublitz, Thiensville, WI.
Canfield, Joseph M. TM: The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company. Chicago: Gregg-
Moore Lithographic Company, 1972.

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