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Smith, Toni; Wedemeyer, Martha (ed.) / Tea and service : 100 year history of the Port Washington Woman's Club


This booklet is lovingly dedicated to the charter members of
the Port Washington Woman's Club. Their foresight, creativity and
planning laid a foundation of sisterhood and community involvement
upon which the Club has prospered these past one hundred years.
And to Minnie Hales, Viola and Anna Ubbink whose
written history of our club and some of its special events helped to
make this book a reality.
Charter Members
Amalie Landolt Blake
Julia Liebemecht Bolens
Adele Eghardt Bostwick
Mable Marie Coe
Rettie Ingersoll Crowns
Jessie Fremont Dennett
Harriet Sage Dennett
Julia Rawson Dennett
Sarah L. Dennett
Meta Eghart Douglas
Iner Turner Eckel
Ida Eghart
Antoinette Hawson Zillier
Helene Schwin Wilson
Sara Evens Eva
Mary Coe Foster
Elizabeth Rappold Gilson
Betv Goetze
Chatherine Hedding
Corn Trumbul Hedding
Nellie Eva Henze
Fannie Wheeler Hombogen
Emily Thien Jackson
Lucetta Hartshorn Jacob
Ethel Treloar Jones
Cecilia Goetzke Leek
Linda Teed Lewis
Clara Coe Morgan
Helen B. Mueller
Julia Blake Munster
Cathern Saunders Powers
Anna S. Ramsey
Nel Gilmore Ramsey
Nancy A. Randall
Eliza M. Rawson
Gertrude Beatrice Reed
Henrietta Adelaide Scott
Mary Murphy Selmer
Wilhehnine Albers Stelling
Harriet Lawson Soule
Margaret Helen Whitford
Helen Them Tholen
Elizabeth Dennet Thommen
Frances Helen Turner

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