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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])


In 1938, the question of joining with the Villge of
Thiensville in the laying of a municipal sewer from and
including Federal Foods Inc. then and including the Village
of Thiensville south to the county line and including
the area in IVequon from the Milwaukee River west to the
.. etin4T was scheduled with the Mvil-
waukee     orge Commissions to find out whether or not they
would agree to accept our sewerage.  Also that a special
sewerage district had to be created and a special sewerage
commission had to be appointed by the county judge and also
a s-eciF'l election had to be held to approve or disa-,-prove
the project.
Order by the State Board of health on Augrust 19, 1952, that
the Town o) £ equon on or before dune 30, 1953, provide for
elmination of discharge of inadequately treated sewerage
from private premises to the ,,lwaukce hiver in the area of
the imiIcororated Village o4 -Iequon, by requiring owners of
nremLse; tr ,nst ii eIfective individual disposal facilities
or to >-i. l, rooviLe for adequate treatment.
Pursuant to complaints received by the Town Borrd and
health So:rd Iron residents that certain residents were
having theirD raw se er4e flo   into the f,1waukee River,
ca.usingi a stencn 2nd :olluting the river, the Town Board
decided to consult witn an engineer regarding to formation
of a sewer district.  IVir.  'aurie Kurtz of Mvilwaukee, a
consulting  engineer, was selected and an agreement was

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