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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Zoning ordinance 1938

Zoning Ordinance 1938
The Town of IVequon has had a zoning ordinance since 1930.
While this ordinance has served its purpose well, the Town
Board, being aware of the changing conditions in the Town,
determined that a more comprehensive zoning ordinance was
necessary in order to regulate the development of the
various areas in the Town and promote the welfare of all
the residents and property owners.
Aftrdingly, pursuant to a resolution at the annual April 1936
meeting of the electors of the Town, the Park Commission was
dfrec  tr t-e own Board to make the necessary arrange-
ments to prepare a new zoning ordinance arid  u employ the
necessary expert help in that work. The Town Board appro-
priated $2000. to be taken out of the general fund for that
purpose. They submitted a proposed new zoning ordinance and
plan. This ordinance and plan was explained to the citizens
of the Town at the several public hearings held in the Town
hall during the past year, giving the property owners an
opportunity to express their views.
Realizing the importance of agriculture as the fundamental
industry in the Town and a desire of farmers to continue
their occupation without unnecessary restrictions, the Town
1ark Co.mission was careful that no where in the new
ordinance should there by any restrictions that would
materially interfere with or discourage the continuation
of agricultural pursuits and their progress. Accordingly
the ordinance contains definite exceptions where land is

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