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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Assessor plat #1

Assessor Plat #1
Due partly through errors made by surveyors, which after
many years were found by other surveyors, surveying the same
pi:upe Ly and using the Sai government survey, many hard
feeli   were caused by neighbors both claiming that their
lines cv corner stones were correct, many lawsuits ensued.
Also the erecting of fences, after the government survey,
most of which were rail fences and then were replaced by
wire fences, were also a reason for errors.   When erecting
new fences and an obstacle was encountered, causing a hard-
ship to overcome, the fence was merely put up a foot or so
to avoid the obstacle which then over a period of many
years went unnoticed, until a new survey was made and the
error found. This was especially bad when smaller parcels
were sold and the survey was proved wrong and no agreement
could be reached as to the property line by the owner of
the prorerty.
In order to solve such differences of opinions or errors in
surveys, the legislature gives the municipal government the
right to order what is called an assessor plat.   By this
method, all evidences are taken as they are at the time of
making the plat and the property lines are taken as they
then exist and are so recorded.
This was done on all property extending from the Village of
Thiensville south limits to the Ozaukee County line and
between the Miilwaukee Railroad the Ddilwaukee River and called
Assessor Flat #1 ol the Town of Ivequon. Since then Assessor
Plat #2 and three, four, and five have been made in different
areas in the Town.

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