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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Log raising

Log Raising
Log raising in the early 1840 was an event that gave the
e3rly settlers a spirit of helpfulness to each other.
It is noted that in 1841, one Mr. Dibble built a dam across
the Milwaukee River in the towns to the north, Grafton.
In the fall of that year he sent word to the town to the
south that he would build a saw mill. To do this, it
would take a lot of help. Some were expert ax men with
great skill, preparing the logs, trimming them and knotting
them at the ends so as to fit them and give rigidity to
the building. Others would lend their man power to lift
and slide them into place. It is recorded that on this
particular occasion, that from our Town of Mequon, there
participated old settlers from Mequon such as Fred W.
horn, Ephram Woodworth, William North, and Peter Turk,
nnd many others. Since this raising took several days, the
helpers had to sleep in an old shanty,half log and half
bark, built several years earlier and in a few wigwams
put up by the Indians.
Despite these hardships, they had a good time after the
work was done. They got a fiddler to call the turns of
the square dance.  "Never," said Mr. Horn, "have I
enjoyed a dance as I did at the saw mill raising".
Mr. Horn was a man of culture from Germanyl
During the settlement of the Town of Mequon, there were
many house and barn raisings. In these early days, most
houses and b~rrns were built of logs, etched, notched,

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