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Early history of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

The Columbia Mill - now known as the Weber Milling Company,   pp. 22-23

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On March 13, 1839 an Englisinan by the name of Jonath;
obtained 160*acres from the United States            and
Frederick A. Luening, the first doctor in Cedarburg, built
He practiced medicine from 1843-1846. The original mill D:
the small wing on the southwestern part of the mill. It i
east of the village of Cedarburg on Cedar River (Cedar Cro
were made by some of the early settlers who lived close to
that the water overflowed on their lands. The dam was ton
built farther east on the creek and everything proved satit
In 1851 the Columbia Mill was purchased by Guston Thu
at a sheriff's sale. He made several improvements and ran
In 1853 the mill was purchased by Joseph Trottan.
In 186 the Columbia Mill was sold to E. Hilgen, E. S1
Barthel. The mill had five sets of stones and a capacity c
beside custom work. Edwin Stallman, carpenter who had 1/3
mill, built his house in 1865 now owned by Paul Gallun and
Charles Barthel was succeeded by Willia Rahn in 1865.
E. Stalbuan sold his interest to Hilgen and Rahn>. These t
the mills in 1874. This undertaking proved impossible as t
by fire two years later, after which disaster the enterpri
The mill again changed hands in 1876, Mr. F. Hoehn this ti3
He met with poor success and the property was foreclosed.
for a period of three years to Bodendoefer and Zaun. At ti

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