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Wester, Kevin J. (ed.) / Consumed by fire : a collection of writings about the famous Wisconsin Chair Company fire, Port Washington, Wisconsin, February 19, 1899

Sheboygan Telegram: Sheboygan, Wisconsin Thursday, February 23, 1899,   pp. 30-31

Page 30

fireman, stood idly around while the flames were destroying thousands of dollars worth of
property. When the Milwaukee members arrived they promptly stretched several streams
of hose. They say that they called for assistance, but that with few exceptions the
volunteer firemen refused to give any, some of them standing about and trying to give
orders to Asst. Chief Clancy as to how to fight the blaze. The conduct of one of them so
angered the chief that he kicked him off the street where the firemen were working.
The Sheboygan men, it is said, met with the same reception at the further end of
the fire.
Michael J. Hackett, whose death took place this morning, was 31 years of age and
unmarried. He had been in the department about a year. His only relative in Milwaukee
is Dr. Hackett.
"A hot time in the old town" would apply to Port Washington Sunday night.
Port Washington Performances at the Recent Fire.
Is Due to Irresponsible Persons.
That is What Mayor Mueller Said Here and What Aid. A. D. Bolens Said at
There is no question but a great deal of ill feeling has been engendered by the
conduct of a portion of the volunteer fire department of Port Washington on the occasion
of the fire there last Sunday night, and as a result the unfortunate little town is getting a
lot of gratuitous advertising that is not of the most desirable sort.
While Mayor Mueller of Port Washington was in the city yesterday he expressed
his regret that the people of that place should be held responsible for the drunken conduct
of one or two members of the volunteer fire department and depreciated the unenviable
notoriety his city was gaining by reason of the behavior of these irresponsible persons.
At Milwaukee yesterday Ald. A. D. Bolens of the Port said pretty much the same
thing in conversation with a representative of the Sentinel. Among other things Mr.
Bolens stated that "the people of Port Washington fully appreciate the work of the

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