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Pioneers' Association (Outagamie County, Wis.) / Record of the pioneers of Outagamie County, Wisconsin : also an appendix containing the minutes and records of the Pioneer Association since our annual meeting of 1895

Spencer, Elihu
Introduction,   pp. [3]-[4] PDF (266.1 KB)

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In presenting the following volume to the public it
seems proper that I should explain the causes which led
to its compilation.
The following resolution was adopted at the prelimi-
nary meeting of Our Association in February, 1898:
Resolved, That a book be procured to register the
names of the pioneers of this county, including the date
of their birth and the time they settled in this county;
when and whom they married; the names and date of the
birth of their children, their occupation, and place of their
present residence. Also if a soldier in the war, the time
they served and in what regiment and company.
A book was procured and at our annual festival of 1898
a lady pioneer was detailed to superintend the registration.
The President invited all pioneers present to come to the
Superintendent's desk and register. They were only asked
to register their names and the date of their birth and the
year they came to this county, as there was not time then
for a more extended registration.  One hundred pioneers
responded to the invitation and registered that day.
I saw the interest manifested in said registration that
day and concluded to give the book a general circulation
and register all the pioneers I could find. As the result I
have registered over 1200 names, including the children of
the pioneers.
Such records, in time, may become almost invaluable
in settling estates, as many people are very neglectful in
keeping their family records. While circulating the regis-
ter many persons expressed a desire for a copy, which in-
duced me to get it printed.
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