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Langkau, David A. / Index to Randall's Illustrated Atlas of Winnebago County Wisconsin, 1889

Section C,   pp. [unnumbered]-33 PDF (10.8 MB)

In this section are identified and listed those entries
for acreage located within the townships of Winnebago
County. Every possible effort has been made to maintain the
actual spelling as it appears in the original volume. Many
of the names included are in f act not the correct or
commonly-used spellings of the surnames. Many were spelled
phonetically or were copied erroneously from written
The first entry on each line is the name or initial of
the individual for each tract of land. This is usually the
name of the owner of the land but, in the case of leased
lands, it may be the name of the occupant. The second entry
is the abbreviation for the township in which that name is
found. The third entry is the section within the township
where the name is found and the fourth entry, when given, is
the listed acreage. In several instances there are two sec-
tions within a township which carry the same section number.
These sections will be preceded with a letter for easier
reference. The township numbering sequences are similar so
a letter prefix for a section applies to that section within
the township which deviates from the normal numbering order.
The township abbreviations used are:
Alg     Algoma
Bkw     Black Wolf
Cla     Clayton
Men     Menasha
Nee     Neenah
Nek     Nekimi
Nep     Nepeuskun
Omr     Omro
Osh     Oshkosh
Poy     Poygan
Rus     Rushford
Uti     Utica
Vin     Vinland
Wch     Winchester
Win     Winneconne
Wor     Wolf River

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