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Langkau, David A. / Index to Randall's Illustrated Atlas of Winnebago County Wisconsin, 1889

Foreword PDF (529.5 KB)

A great many individuals are currently researching
their genealogy to identify ancestors and learn more about
their family heritage.    Much research is conducted through
historical literature such as this original volume.       True
genealogists spend many hours each week researching and
reliving the adventures and exploits of their ancestors.
There are four basic breeds of genealogist. The first
does research for others for financial gain. The second are
those who do their own research for their own benefit and
refuse to share information or provide assistance to others.
The third will share some of the information they have ac-
cumulated in the hopes of receiving needed information in
return. The fourth breed stands apart. They are the dedi-
cated individuals who will go out of their way to provide
information and assistance to other researchers simply for
the joy of helping.
This fourth breed is not the type who fails to answer
requests or responds with a form letter saying that they
have the information but do not have the time or resources
to provide it to others. They tend to go out of their way
and extend themselves to great lengths in order to surprise
you with unexpected information and assistance.      They are
also the ones who listen to you lament the roadblocks you
encounter and try to find other routes to the information
you need.
Through our research we were fortunate to encounter
Mara Munroe. She is the Historical and Genealogy Librarian
at the Oshkosh Public Library.    As she does with everyone,
Mara has provided us with much valuable assistance and guid-
ance in our research.   As time permits, she goes beyond the
scope of her job to help those in need, often when they need
help the most.     While scanning periodicals she has the
ability to remember a name and also the name of the person
who had expressed an interest in that name. Many times she
has called to say she just ran across an article which con-
tains information which might interest us.
After making our research so much easier it was time
for someone to make Mara's     Job a little easier.      Much
genealogical information is included in this original volume
but scanning these pages to find a name wastes her valuable
time. As such, I have invested hundreds of hours to compile
and provide an index for this volume. I somehow feel that
this is 'inadequate repayment for her assistance but, until I
find other ways to thank her for her time and efforts, this
index is dedicated to Mara Munroe.
-- David A. Langkau

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