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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

City of Neenah,   pp. 194-215 PDF (15.4 MB)

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printer, and has had long association with
the press of Wisconsin.
Mr. Kaime, now of the Standard, formerly
edited the Ormo Journal very creditably.
Municipal Finance -The several Issues of Bonds given by
the City of Oshkosh - Amount the City has Invested in
Permanent Public Improvements - Present Indebtedness.
The following  is a list of bonds issued
 by the City of Oshkosh at various
 times, and the amount of the  same.
Also, a full statement of the present
indebtedness of the city.
In 1854, in payment for the old float bridge .  . . $  2,000
In 1858, in payment for building new float bridge . .  8,000
In 1865, in payment for the draw bridge at the foot of
Main  Street . . . . . . . . . . . . .        21,000
In 1871, in payment for the Algoma bridge, $6,000,
cash, and bonds .  . . . . . . . . . . . . .   19,000
In 1856, to aid in the construction of the Chicago, St.
Paul & Fond du Lac railroad, now the Chicago &
Northwestern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 150,000
In 1857, to aid in the construction of the Winnebago
railroad 20,000
In 1871, to aid in the construction of the Oshkosh &
Mississippi railroad 75,000
In 1879, to aid in the construction of the Milwaukee,
Lake Shore & Western railroad .... .     .  ..  75,000
Total.       .          .....              $370,000
Of this amount all has been paid and cancelled, except
outstanding bonds, which represents in September,
1879, the entire bonded indebtedness of the city, to
the amount of ...     .  .     ........ $120,500
Previous to the bonds just issued to the new Milwaukee, Lake Shore &
Western railroad, the old bonded
debt was all paid, except ..... .     .  .  .   .  45,500
The city has invested and paid for other
permanent public improvements as follows:
In 1870, toward the Northern State Hospital for
Insane .... .      .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   .  19,000
In 1870, toward State Normal School .  ......    30,000
Up to the year 1865, the city expended in erecting
frame school buildings, something over . . . . .  27,000
Since that time, in the construction of brick schoolhouses, their equipments,
and the purchase of site -,
a sum amounting to about   97,000
In making water reservoirs, and the purchase of hand
and steam ftre engines, hose-carts, and in the construction of engine buildings,
and the purchase of sites
for the same, an amount approximating to . .  .  62,000
Expended in hose about . . . . . . .  . . . . .  20,000
Total Expenditures to the year 1879, including those
for which bonds were issued . . . . . . . . . $631,000
This, of course, is exclusive all the ordinary
yearly expenses of the city government, street
improvements, expenses of schools and fire
departments; and to the credit of the city, it
can be said that her improvements are paid
for, and that her amount of municipal indebtedness is comparatively small.
The Early History of Neenah - The Government Agency, for
the Civilizing of the Menomonees -A Mill, Shops and
Block Houses, Built in 1835-36, at  Winnebago Rapids, the
Present Site of Neenah - Harrison Reed, in 1844 Purchases the Site, 
562,44-100 Acres, and all the Improvements on the Same, from the Government
In 1843, Mr.
Geo. H. Mansur and Family Arrived, and Became the
First White Family Permanently Settled within the Present Limits of Neenah
In 1845, Gov. Doty Builds His
House on the Island - Gorham P. Vining, George Harlow, Ira Baird and the
Rev. 0. P. Clinton, Settle in
Neenah, during the Same Year - First Birth - First
Marriage - First Death - First Religious Services 
The Joneses Become Proprietors - More New Comers 
In 1847. a Company Chartered for the Improvement of the
Water-power-In 1847, First Village Plat Recorded, by
Harrison Reed - In Same Year Mr. Ladd Erects the
Winnebago Hotel - The Firm of Jones & Yale open a
Store, 1847-In 1848, the Kimberley's Purchase Property, and Commence Improvements
1850, Board of
Village Trustees Elected - Kimberley Build the Pioneer
Flouring Mill -Canal Lock Completed - Steamers Barlow and 
Jenny Lind Built - Another Flouring Mill Completed - Saw Mill Constructed
Another Manufacturing
Establishment in Operation, and Two More Flouring
Mills Built - The Village Plats of Winnebago Rapids and
NeenahlConsolidated under the Corporate Name of Neenah
- In 1856, the First Passage of a Steamer Between Lake
Winnebago and Green Bay, was Made- The Aquilla
Passed Through the Neenah Lock.
Roll  back  the wheels of Time less
than half a century, and we find the
present site of the City of Neenah in
the  quiet possession     of the    Indian,
 native, and to the manor born.        In
all negotiations   between    France    and
England, England and the United States, quit
claims to a vast extent ofterritory were passed
from one to the other, which were simply
intended to decide which one of these great
powers should possess the exclusive right to
rob the native of his heriditary title to the soil.
The   United     States, fully vested   with this
power, adopted a scheme in 1831 for the civilizing, Christianizing and general
of the Menomonee tribe, who had selected this
place for their principal village, and who were
owners of the contiguous country.
[ I879.

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