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Wisconsin and its opportunities : illustrated by photographs taken in northern Wisconsin

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And Its Opportunities
OR many years Wis-
consin has been
looked to as one of
the strongest an d
most progressive
states in the Union.
Her progress has
that steady, quiet
    ___*LL:I   ___
                  growth which means
                  strength. Her cities
                  are well established
commercial centers. Her business is on
broad, yet conservative lines. Her nat-
ural resources are varied and many. The
forests of Wisconsin, her mineral re-
sources, her water powers and her
fertile lands have brought wealth to
her citizens, and this wealth continues
to multiply and to develop the State.
  The position of Wisconsin has nat-
urally made her a great distributing
certer.  L ake Michigan on the East
and Lake Superior on the North, with
excellent harbors, afford cheap trans-
portation facilities to and from the
East. On the West the Mississippi
River gives water transportation to
the South. The growing communities
of the West and Northwest draw more
and more on Wisconsin for their sup-
plies. All these factors have helped
greatly the general growth of the
larger cities and the development of
industrial enterprises throughout the
  Eastern manufacturers are moving
to, or establishing branch factories in
Wisconsin, and giving added Impetus
to commercial life.
  The nearness of the forests to mar-
kets have made possible the many
saw mills, paper and pulp mills, char-
coal retorts, tanneries, and plants man-
ufacturing veneer; hoops, staves and
heading; sash, doors and blinds;
matches; wooden utensils; furniture,
wagons and carriages, agricultural im-
plements, and other products of a like
r ature.
  The geological deposits in Wiscon-
sin supply large quantities of Iron,
lead, and zinc ore, and provide the
material for plants producing lime,
cement, stone, brick, tile and pottery.
  Wisconsin's healthy and invigorating
climate and excellent railroad and lake
transportation  facilities have  done
much towards promoting the recent
advancement in all lines of general
manufacture. She stands foremost in
the production of engines, machinery
and leather, while factories making
shoes, gloves, mittens, watches, mat-
tresses,  farm  machinery,  together
with woolen mills and knitting works,
foundries, flour mills, and other indus-
tries which come to a center supply-
ing a broad field, have found in Wis-
consin those conditions that mean suc-
  With this industrial enterprise, with
the many energetic and picturesque
little towns and cities distributed
throughout Wisconsin, she has in addi-
tion as rich and fertile land as is
found anywhere in the Union. The
number of her dairy institutions is

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