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Farm Plat Book Publishing Co. / Official county plat book and farmers' directory of Dane County, Wisconsin

Lackore, I. W.
Chamber of Commerce--Madison, Wisconsin,   p. 76

Page 76

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Madison, Wisconsin
1. W. LACKORE, Executive Director
Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, is strategically
located 139 miles northwest of Chicago and 275 south-
east of St. Paul in one of the richest agricultural counties
of the United States.
A chain of four lakes, with three bordering the
city, affords summer and winter sports of all kinds.
The University of Wisconsin, one of the most promin-
ent universities in the country, and an excellent school
system, together with a vocational school, music, dra-
matic, and dancing schools take care of the educational
and cultural needs of the area.
The United States erected its Forest Products Lab-
oratory here many years ago, and a few years ago built
a new million-dollar laboratory to carry on research in
use of woods and allied products.
Madison ranks fourth in the state industrially.
Turret lathes, machine tools, flashlights, hospital equip-
ment, lubricators, meat and meat products, chemical
plant food, and dairy products are among its products.
One of the largest Swiss cheese factories in the world is
located in Madison.
Madison is the "Home Office" for four well-known
life insurance companies, three mutual companies hand-
ling farm and fire insurance, one mutual company han-
ling fire and windstorm insurance and hail insurance
on growing crops, and two companies handling all casu-
alty lines.
Eighty-three state and national organizations
maintain their headquarters in Madison.
Madison with its eleven hospitals having a total of
over 4,000 beds, has more hospital beds per capita than
any other city in the country, except Rochester, Min-
nesota. Seven of them have a Class A rating.
Important factors in Madison's economic status
are its retail and wholesale establishments.
Madison stores serve a retail area including most
of nine counties, and has a very high per capita sales.
The area has a population of over 350,000 and an esti-
mated annual "take home" income of approximately
From 1935 to 1940 there was an increase of 50%
in the number of wholesale establishments in the city;
and while wholesale sales amounted to only 60% of re-
tail sales in 1935, they exceeded retail sales in 1948.
Both in employment and payroll wholesale and
retail trade are the second most important single fac-
tor in Madison's economy.
Madison, Wisconsin

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