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Brunson, Alfred, 1793-1882 / Northern Wiskonsan

Communication from Mr. Brunson,   pp. [3]-16 PDF (2.3 MB)

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                          PRAIRIE DU CiIIEN, Dec. 6, 1843.
Ilis Excellency J. D. Dowy, Govcrnor of If7iskonsan,
     SIR-Having travelled about three thousand miles, within
the past year, within this Territory, north and north west of this
place, I have thought it propable that the Legislature and people
of the Territory would be pleased to see the results of my ob.
servations in these journeys. And being requested to do so
by an Hon. member of the Council, I respectfully tender to the
Assembly, through you the following description of the country
through which I have passed.
  In my firstjourney from this place to La Point in Lake Supe.
rior, I ascended the Mississippi to the mouth of the Chippewa;
thence up that river to Courteoreille Lake, the head of one of its
branches; and thence across the country, through a dense for.
est to the Lake, making the distance, by the course of the rivers,
about 530 miles; returning by the same route.
  In returning to the Lake last spring, at the request of several
enterprising miners from Grant county, who wished to try their
fortunes in the copper regions, I went through by land, acting
as guide, in which we opened a road from this place to the Lake
shore; much of the way over ground, on which white men never
before set their foot, making the distance, as we estimated it from
day to day, about 400 miles. But from the knowledge we ac-
quired, from once travelling over the distance, we were satisfied
that a road can be made from one point to the other in lcss
than 300 mies: the geographical disOnce not being over 'i)

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