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Zabel's rural route directory of Winnebago County, 1928

Key to alphabetical directory,   p. 2

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           t_                 FORE WORDf 
 This directory tells you three things. If you know who you are lookýg
 for and how to spell the name the aim is to tell you where such prIson 
 resides, how to reach him by mail and how to go directly to his hwne. 
 Incidentally some other information is provided. The route list follow-
 ing the sketch of each rural route affords a big saving in materals and
 postage for merchants circularizing all box holders oil rural routes when
 thaey wish to cover the farm trade only. Most rural routes servea number
 of people who live within the city limits or jupt beyond. The Dennhardt
 and Gurenwald avenue section of Neenah, Nordheim out of Oshkosh an, the
 village of Winchester are all served by rural routes.               __ 
                             BOX NUMBERS 
 The key numbers (The numbers just before the "r" in the County
 ical list, and numbers within the circles on-the route sketches: ) 
 are not to be confused with box mnbers. These numbers are merely  our 
 k]y numbers and not box mnbers. The postal department is backward about
 giving out box numbers. Besides, not long ago the department requested 
 that box numbers be discontinued and many carriers ignore them entirely.
                           KEY TO ROUTE SITCHES 
 Roads are shown thus:  6oncrete; Gravel--,--" All other roads     
 Federal Highways      ; State HighwaysN47 - Gounty Trunks a ; Patron's 
 Zey Nos@ ; Rural Routes .....o. Or - - - ; Railroadsi-4+ . Figures ihi 
 center of squares are section numbers. The numbers following names are 
 key numbers and refer to locations on sketches. See corresponding 
 nubers within the circles on the sketch. 
                      KEY TO ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY 
-The head of the house appears first and if married the wife's name follws
'In parenthesis. The children's names follow separated IV commas. Brothers,
,Xsters, and all others are shown separated by "&" The last
name before 
ýVhe numbers is the post office. The first number is the key number
Is the key number which shows the location on the route sketch; the"r"
irefers to "route" and the number following is the route number.
*Jones, Ben (Ella), Joe & Robt & Mrs Rath,Neenah,5Orll." In
this example 
1l1a is Mrs Ben Jones, Joe is a sun, Robert a brother, Mrs Ruth Jones, 
ýikaly his mother, Neenah, the post office address, 50 the key number
11 is the route number. 

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