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Cronin, Katherine L. / Musical mixers and group dances

Greeting and meeting,   pp. 9-10 PDF (598.4 KB)

Page 9

Uo of We, U. Be DesX Bo of D. A.     12634      YR                  9
Musical Mixers and Group Dance&
      11.  Meet and come down centre by 4's.   Ilalt.
           "Snake Dance" -- leader take one end of first four and
           leads around in front and behind each 4, each 4 attaching
           itself to the end of the line in turn. (In attaching each
           time the end of the line will attach itself to the person
           on the opposite side of the 4 behind.)
      13.  "Spiral" or "Snail" -- leader leads single
line (hands
           joined) around andaround closing in gradually to a snug
           coil, then bends back on her course (each still following
           the person ahead) until all is unwound.
     14.  "Simple LSerpentine" -- In-single line (with one hand
           shoulder of person ahead) leader leads line back and forth
           across hall or zigzagging at will. Singing some well-
           known song adds to fun of this. ("Pack UTp your Troubles,"
           "Smiles," "On Wisconsin," etc.)
Greeting and Meeting
                        How D'ye Do My Partner
     Formation -- Double circle, partners facing each other, move-
                  ments accompanying words as indicated below.
               "How d'ye do my partner?"
     Lady of the outercirole makes a curteey to her partner of the
     inner circle.
               "How d'ye do today?"
     Geautlean bows to Dparter.
               "Wi1l yeu dance in the clro1QW
     Join right hand vdtk partner and shake it four timer.
               "I will show you the way."
     Join left hand with partner, crossing over right and shake fouT

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