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Schoenman, Adolph / Milk testing : instructions for testing milk and dividing money for creameries, cheese factories and dairymen

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            It has for many years past been a recognized fact of all the
          Experimental Stations that a simple and accurate method of deter-
          mining the butter fat of milk was sorely needed for the the general
          good of the Dairy public.
            Although the general dairy public is rather slow in "catching
on" to
          the great injustice of pooling milk by weight only, regardless
of the
          fat it contains.
            The wiser heads and experimental workers have for several years
          discovered the great injustice of the "weight pooling"
          And further than that, they have seen the great mass of dairy farm-
          ers, year after year, feeding cows of all sorts, good, bad and
          ent, thousands of which were not paying for their keep, and are
          curse, not a boon, to their owner.
            But with no better method at hand than to cream and churn each
          cow's milk separate for the purpose of weeding out the poor ones,
          would be needless to preach cow testing to the average dairy farmer.
            Therefore, for the double reason as above stated, the invention
          a simple and accurate devise for measuring the butter fat of milk
          ardently sought for by the chemists of several of the leading Experi-
          mental Stations.
            Several years ago Professor Short of the Wisconsin Experimental
          Station led the way by inventing a method by which the butter fat
          milk could be quite readily measured. Although not quite satisfac-
          tory, it was a stride in the right direction. Next came the test
          Professor Patrick of the Iowa Experimental Station, which was some-
          what different and in a measure quite satisfactory. But not quite
          thing for quick, simple, and accurate work. But to cap the climax,
          Dr. S. M. Babcock, chief chemist of the Wisconsin Experimental
          Station invented a simple and accurate test by which the average
          school boy of fourteen years of age, by carefully reading the instruc-
          tions can make an accurate butter fat test of a dozen different
cows in
          ten to fifteen minutes time.
            The great and wonderful good this invention which Dr. Babcock
          gave to the dairy publicfree time alone can tell. Through the court-

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