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Frey-Doering, Kathy; Zanella Albright, Kathy A. / How to teach: chronological age-appropriate activities for school aged moderately and severely handicapped students

Considerations for choosing recreation/leisure sites,   pp. [253]-[263]

Page [253]

Considerations for Choosing Recreation/Leisure Sites 
     When considering recreation/leisure sites, a number of priorities can
considered including the following: 
      .1. Number of participants needed in order to engage in the activity
      2. Cost 
      3. Number of Environments in which the activity can be performed 
      4.. Location 
      5. Transportation 
      6. Student Pref erence 
      7. Parent/Guar-dlan jdgments 
      8. Chronological age appropriateness 
      9.- Physical characteristics of the environment (e.g., is the Mall
          closed.? or open?) 
     10. Frequency of use by chronological aged peers 
     11.  Current/Subsequent 
     12. Amount of physical activity required 
     13. Health and safety factors 
     14. Availabilit 
     15. Degree of anticipated independence 
     16. Complexit of skills (cost efficiency) 
     17. Degree of partial participation 
     18.- Staff preference 
     19. Social significance (e.g., a-student frequently goes out to eat
          his parents and displays table manners that draw much negative
          attention; table manners become a priority due to their social
     20. Logistically tenable 
     This is onl a list of some of the possible considerations. Other 
possibilities may exist depending on the student(s) involved. 

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