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Madison Public Schools (Wis.); Instructional Materials Center / Cherokee Marsh: a wetland to cherish

[Our surface water - report of Dane County Planning Committee],   pp. 5-6

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     Figure 7 identifies all the surface water and wetland areas of Dane
County. It includes streams, lakes, ponds, 
marshes, and imperfectly drained lowlands. Major wetland areas deserving
preservation in the public interest are 
     The authors of this map realize that some wetlands may be drained and
put to other uses than they might serve 
in their original state. 
     It is not necessary to preserve every pothole in the county as a pothole.
It is important and necessary to mark out 
and conserve for posterity some of our wetland areas if we would maintain:
     1. Aesthetic values. 
     2. Recreational values. 
     3. Flood control values. 
     4. Wildlife of all kinds (game, songbirds, animals, etc.). 
     Wise selection, careful planning, and conservation are mandatory if
many of these values are to be maintained. 
     Dane County contains: 
     1. Over 70 lakes, ponds, and potholes of nearly 21,000 surface acres
and over 130 miles of shoreline. This 
represents 11 persons per surface acre of lake and 1,700 persons per mile
of lake shore. Only 10 of Dane County's 
lakes have lake shore dwellings (1,600 plus as of this date). Only 10 of
the remaining lakes have natural potential for 
lake shore development. 
     2. 507 miles of stream which includes 48 miles of trout stream and 22
miles of smallmouth bass stream. About 
45 miles of river and stream provide canoeing opportunities. 

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