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Selections by Aaron Bohrod of his paintings

Background information from A decade of still life,   pp. 6-12

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The following background information about Aaron Bohrod is reprinted with
mission of the copyright owners, The Regents of the University of Wisconsin,
Aaron Bohrod, A Decade of Still Life, 1966, The University of Wisconsin Press.
I was born on the near west side of Chicago on November 21, 1907. As a child
of three or four, I found the first outlet for my eternally gnawing bug of
expression - filling countless 2ý plain yellow paper pads with all
kinds of 
pencil scratchings. My mother used to tell me that all she needed to assure
my contribution to domestic tranquility was to provide me with such a tablet.
Faithfully, both sides of each sheet were filled with small-scale aesthetic
evidence of, perhaps, better things to come. I wish some of these documents
of presumed talent had been preserved. I suppose that some of my childish
scrawls were imitative of a calligraphic, continuous line bird which was
Bessarabian-born father's sole achievement in the plastic arts and which
brother Milton and my sisters Anne and Lillian also attempted to reproduce.
I recall that on transparent chewing-gum wrappers I first traced the comic-strip
characters of the day, and later with growing confidence copied them. The
coloring book or two which came my way was filled in with shadings of gray
pencil tones instead of the usual colored wax crayons, which had not yet
discovered by my family. 
In one of the early years, 1933, I think I must have produced several hundred
full-scale works. Most of my subjects were, of course, the sometimes teeming
and sometimes bleak streets of Chicago. But also into my work I put views
the city beaches and the burlesque theatre, where I did some post-graduate
life study, park landscapes, figures, interiors, and even experiments in

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