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Madison city directory. For 1883-1884, containing also a complete business directory, a street directory, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, public buildings, etc.

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Page 137

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OU1TRCK'S PATT;           |RNewYorkStore.
Konrad, Nicholas, clk state treasury dept, rooms Brown's
    block, 1 S Pinckney.
Kovenda, Frank, tailor S Klauber, res 213 W Gorham.
Kough, Ann (wid Thomas) res 103 Lake.
Kramer, William E; student, bds 610 Francis.
Kratz, Adam, res 614 Langdon.
Xrehl, Frederick (Scheibel & Krehl), res 731 Williamson.
Kreutz, Harry, trav agt, res 129 E Gorham.
Kreuz, Conrad T, trav agt, bds 17 N Fairchild.
Kreuger, Ida L, student, bds 610 Francis.
Kreuger, Hermann, hostler Capital Brewery, bds 305 W Gor-
Kreuger, William, student, bds 610 Francis.
Krings, John, teamster, S F & F, res 415 W Johnson.
Kroncke, Clara, portrait painter, res 613 Francis.
Kroncke, Herman G, hardware, stoves, etc, 114 State, res 613
Kropf, August F, propr Park Beer Hall 17 W Main, res 137
   S Hancock.
Kropf, Oscar, res 137 S Hancock.
Kropf, Oswald F, clk State Bank, res 137 S Hancock.
Kropf, Robert, wks Journal office, res 344 W Dayton.
Kroetz, Gottlieb, shoemaker F A Stoltze, res 138 S Hancock.
Krueger, William E, tailor S Klauber, res 107 N Canal.
Krum, Andrew J, bookkpr W J Park & Co, res 113 W Cly-
Krunde, Henry, butcher Rhodes & Co, bds Fess House.
Kupfer. Theodore, moulder Ball Bros, res 1146 Williamson.
Kure, Michael, trav agt P. Heinkel, res 17 E Clymer.
  ACHER, ELEONORA E B, boarding house, 105 E Clymer,
L res same.
Lacher, Joseph, barber, 504 E Wilson, res 140 S Canal.
La Follette, U II, atty-at-law (La Follette & Siebecker), res
   405 W Wilson.
La Follette & Siebecker (R M La Follette and R G Sie-
   becker), attys-at-law, State Bank Building, 7 and 9 S
Lahm, Clara, res 701 E Johnson.
Lahm, Kate, res 701 E Johnson.
Lahm, Peter, Sr, teamster, res 701 E Johnson.
Lahm, Peter, Jr, driver, res 701 E Johnson.
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