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Smith, Du Moulin and Co. (ed.) / The Madison city directory, and business mirror, containing the names of the citizens, a business directory, state and city record, and an appendix of much useful information

[General directory of names: O],   pp. 51-52 PDF (340.4 KB)

Page 51

                  MADISON DIRECTORT.                 O
Nugent Peter, printer, bds Wilson n Henry
Nye Hiram, carpenter and builder, Pinckney a Dayton, h John-
    son bet Pinckney and Hamilton
Oaks David, bds American House
Oakley Eli, plasterer, h junc Hamilton and Butler
Oakley Henry, stone cutter, h Johnson n Blount
Oakley William, stone cutter, h Johnson n Blount
Obee Andrew, shoe maker, bds Clymer c Carroll
O'Brien F., provision dealer, Henry n Mifflin, h same
O'Connell John, laborer, h Wilson n Bedford
O'Connor Anna, waitress, Capitol House
O'Connor Bridget, laundress, Capitol House
O'Connor Mary, laundress, Capitol House
O'Connor William L, preparatory class, bds University
Odneson Hans C., cabinet maker, h E Canal n Miffin
O'D)owd Mary, pastry cook, Capitol House
Oetsmann John, laborer, bds Webster n Mifflin
Oliphant David, stone cutter, h W Canal n Main
Olney Ceylon W., blacksmith, h Hamilton n Johnson
Olsen Alexander, clerk, bds Christian House
Olsen Ellano, shoe maker, bds n Christiana House
Olsen Emeline, U. S. Hotel
Olsen Hans, laborer, Christiana House
Olsen Isabella, domestic, Washington Av n Broome
Olsen Jane, U. S. Hotel
Olsen Mary, cook, hlyer's Hotel
O'Neil Thomas, mason, h Wilson c Bedford
O'Neill Thomas, laborer, h r Gilman n State
Oppel Adolph, clerk, h E Canal n Clymer
Orton Harlow S., (Orton, Hopkins & Firmin,) lawyer, 6 Bru-
    en's Block Pinckney c Washington Av, h Wisconsin Av c
Orton Myron H., (Orton & Bryant,) lawyer, 1 Van Bergen's
    Block, h Wisconsin Av c Gorham
ORTON & BRYANT, (M. H. Orton & G. E. Bryant,) law-
    yers, &c., 1 Van Bergen's Block Pinckney
ORTON, HOPKINS & FERMIN, (H. S. Orton, J. C. Hop-
    kins & F. H. Fermin,) lawyers, 6 Bruen's Block Pinck-
    ney c Washington Av. [See Aidrertisement]

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