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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

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The Wi tsconsil Lumberrman.
we have a schedule of prices here, and
that I must go by it ?" replied the agent.
"Vell, den, I sthays mit Detroit one
dousand yare !" exclaimed the stranger,
madder than ever. 'I bays bolice taxes
and sewer taxes, and I shall see about this
by the sheaf of Bolice !"
lie walked back again, and as he saw
the locomotive backing up to couple-on to
the train hie wcnt back to the window and
"Gif me'n dickett for two dollar and
thirty cents, und I rides on de platform !"
"Can't do it," said the agent.
"YVell, den, py golley, I spikes to you
what I does! here is dem two dollar und
v.extv cents, and I goes to Lansing und
never comes back,! No, zur, I shal never
come back, or I shall come mit der blank
road! I bay taxes by dem  bolice, and by
dem sewers, and I Fhal show' you that I
shall riaf nodding more to do mit dis
town 1"
lIe went on the train.-Detrot Free
The LtunberTrade of Chicago.
At the annual meeting of the lumber-
men's board of trade of Chicago, the fol-
lowing statements were made by the sez-
The receipts of lumber for 1874 were
993,751,000 feet, and 365,490 thousand
shingles by lake; 66,339,708 feet of lum-
ber and 253,788 thousand shingles by rail.
This shows a decrease from the receipts
of 1, 73 of 26,877,000 feet of lumber, and
an increase of 77,4!)2 thousand shingles bv
la'ke; and a decrease of 36,392,96i3 feet of
ILitiber, and an increase of '0,-13 thousand
shingles by rail. The recorded shipments
of the year were 594.824,125 feet of him-
ber, and 355,484 thousand shing es, being
an increase of 33,279,746 feet of lumber,
and a decrease of 52,021 thousand shin-
gles over the shipments of 1873. The city
consumption is estimated to have been
fr3m 110,000,000 to 112,000,000 less than
1873. The stock on hand January 1, 1875,
shows an increase over the same date of
1872, of 16,231,631 feet of sawed lumber
and timber, 51,477 thousand shingles, 1,-
072,700 pieces of lath, 210,788 cedar posts,
917,350 pickets, and a decrease of 497,098
feet of hemlock lumber. The total mem-
bership foots up 77. During the year 9
have withdrawn. A deficit amounting to
$2,185.28 exists, but this, together with
the additional sum of $414.72, has been
nearly covered by volentary subscriptions.
The following statement was submitted
to the meeting:
Decaease of lumber on hand at the lake
Michigan manufacturing points on January
is 1875, from January 1, 1874, 24,127,145
feet; decrease at lake Huron M1anufactur-
ing points, 35,000,000 feet; decrease of
logs at Lake Michigan manufacturing
points, 205,446,091 feet: de crease of logs
at Lu'ke Huron manufacturing points, 20,-
90(,000 feet; total decrease of logs and
lumber on hand at the above points, 285,-
473,256 feet. Decrease of manufacture at
Lake Mizhigan manufiaeturing points in
1874 and 1873, 179,454,994; decrease at
Lake Huron manufacturing points, 13 0,-
000,000; total decrease, 309,454,994.
Remember This.
One thousand shingles laid four inches
no the weather will cover one hundred
square feet of surface, anl five pounds .of
tails will fasten them on. One-fifth more
siding and flooring id needed than the
number of sqnare feet of surface to be
covered, because of the lap in the siding
and the matching of the floor. 1,000 lath
will cover 70 ya'ds of surface, and 11
pounds of lath nails will nail them on.
Eight bushels of good lime, 16 bushels of
sand, and one bushel of hair will make
enough good mortar to plaster 100 square
yards. A cord of stone, three bushels of
i!me, and a cubic vard of sand will lay 100
cubic feet of wall. Five courses of brick
will lay one foot in height on a chimney,
six bricks in a course will make a flue
four inches wide and twelve inches long,
and eight bricks in a course will make a
flue eight inches wide and sixteen inches
Lunmbering of the Tobacco.
Logs will he put on the Tobacco river
Michigan, this winter as follows, accord-
to the Farwvell Register:
'Thos. Nester       - -      5,000,000
Thos. Quinn -  _     -    _- 3,000,000
A. P. Brewer --------5,000,000
Smith & Mason -   _-   _-      3.000.000
Barn?.rd Bros - _-----   _-_4,000,000
E. L. Batt -_-----         _4.000,000
Wim. Clutes, for Wright & Co °,000,000
Sear & Holland -  _-_-_-_1,500,000
Eddy, Avery & Co_-_______-   1,000,000
Geo. Scott -                2,000,000
Mr. Stone, for W. R. Burt, on the
Cedar, intends to put in 6,000,000.

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