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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

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Page 507

The Wisconsin Lumbermam
the same time last winter. The snow has
been light and dry, and not enough on the
river below St-vens Point for good sleigr.-
ing until January 20th. February 2d, the
date of our report a heavy fall of snow was
in progress.
From the Wolf river we have thus far
been unable to obtain reports. Front a re-
port in the Green Bay Advocate we learn
that about 121,000,000 feet will be put in
on the entire river this winter.
In Michiigan it is evident that a fair av-
erage stock of logs is being cu-. Compar-
ed with the capacafy of the mills it is not
probable that there will be an overstock.
The amount of old logs in the state is
much less than last year, as also the
amount of manufactured lumber is consid-
erably less. At Manistee about the same
amount if loges will be cut as during last
winter, and the amount of old stock being
small, the product of the Manistee mills
for '75 will not vary largely from the pre-
ceeding year. Of the Ludington, (Pere
Marquette river) about the same language
may be used.
At Muskegon, the river and mill boons
were about cleaned up-less than 10,000,-
000 feet of lumiber and logs remaining on
hand January 1st. The loggers, however,
have "laid out" ftr more new stock than
was put through the mills in '74-all told.
The estimates of the amoun-t really to be cut
on this river vary somewhat, the maximum
figure being 400,000,000 feet the minimum
320,000,000. The  higher  figures will
hardly be reached. Upon the upper river
the logging jobs are well advanced, fully
as well as usual at this time, about all cut
and skided, and the hauling nearly half
completed. Snow is plentY but with very
cold weather which makes hard hauling.
From Flat river, the principal source of
supply to the mills at Grand Haven and
vicinity, and main lumbering tributary of
the Crand river, our correspondent writes:
"Notwithstanding the   unsatisfactory
condition of the buisness fur the last two
years, lumbering has been unusually active
on the Flat river this season. The cut
will be something over 90,000,000, and is
with one exception, the season of 1871-5,
the largest ever made. The cut last sea-
son was 52,000,000. Work commenced
in the woods at least a month earlier than
usual, and the first of January found a
majority of the loges cut and skidded.
H~auling began the last week in December.
and though the snow was very dry and
light (not to exceed five inches) a good
business has been done from  the first.
About ten inches of snow has fallen at va-
rious times since, and as the weather has
been uniformly cold, it is still on the
ground. Though fifteen inches is a fair
depth of snow, it is so exceedingly light
and fle2cy, that a few hours rain, or a
bright wyarn day, would suspend oppera-
tions completely.
"At the prcseint writing, Feb. 2d, there
is probably, 65,000,000 banked, and if the
sleighing continues until the 20tlh inst., the
logs on long, hauls will be put in. More
than twenty-five per cent of the logs nut
in this stream, the present season, are
hauled four miles and upward. In quality
they will average better than any previ-
ously cut, there having been little or no (le-
mand for common grades.
"Of the 90,000,000 goinug in this season,
something over 70,000,000 will be manu-
factured at Grand Haven, about 12,1000,-
000 at Grand Rapids, and the balance at
Greenville, Belden andwohler points on Flat
"Unle-s we have a heavier body of snow
than at present, or an extremely wect spring
there may be some difficulty in starting the
rear of the drive, as a large per cent. of
the logs are being banked on the upper
sections of the stream. No serious difficulty
is anticipated however
Upon streams tributary to the Saginaw
Valley, it is estimated that t55,00i),OOIC
feet were skidded and hauled Februarv Ist.
A good fall and early winter for skidding
permitted the preparation of a large
amount ahead of the teams, vnd the latter
have not yet caught up, although, if the
good sleighing noted at the time or Our re-
port, Feb. 2d. should continue twenty
days the teams will be nearly or quite even
with the choppers. Snow is plenty and
good hauling is reported in all sections of
the district, more logs being cut than to
the same date last year.
New Freunch Life-saving Raft.
An extraordinary safety-raft has recent-
ly been invented im France. It is described
as large enough to support from 400 to 600
persons, as neither incumbering nor re-
quiring any alteration in the a. rangement
of vessels, and as needing only a minute
or two to inflate and launch it.  It is an
air-tight mattrass,with a surface of nearly
900 square feet, inflated in one minute it
is said, from a reservoir fixed in the en-
gine-room and always charged with air
under a pressure of fifteen atmospheres.
When i.ot in use, it is rolled up, and takes
no more room than a boat. When inflated

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