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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

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Page 504

TAe Wieonnn Lvmbeymu
A Golden Log.
As we Eve in a region of pine, and the
buzzing of saw mills encircle us the follow-
ing item which we clip from an exchange
may be found of interest to mi owrers;
but we would not advise them to lose time to
examine logs to find such a golden one as
fell to the lot of Mr. Black.
Mr. J. Black, who owns a saw mill at
Sheffield, Ga., near Conyers was engaged
on Friday last insawing a pine log into a
plank, and while the saw was cutting its
wray with lightning speed through the pine,
.a harsh rasping sound was heard as though
the saw had struck some metallic aubtance.
The saw was examined to ascertain the
cmuse, when to the astonishment of all
present, it was discovered that there were
twenty- six $20 gold pieces imbedded in
the wood. There was also a piece of pa-
per found among the coin, upon which was
written these words: "One mile from this
you will find something valuable." The
astonishment of the parties at this discov-
ery was great, and for a time the business
of sawing logs was discontinued and the
remaining logs were examined to see if
there were any more treasures concealed
in them. The excitement has been intense
in the neighborhood ever aince. No rea-
sonable explanation as to who placed the
money there has Jet been elicited, and the
matter is likely to remain a mystery for all
time to come.-Green Bay Wi,, State Ga-
We cannot soon enough convince ourselves
how very simplwe may be dispensed with
in this world. What important personages
we conceive ourselves to be! We think that
it is we alone who animate the circle we
move in, that, in our absence life, nourish-
ment and breath will make a general pause:
and alas! the void which occurs is scarcely
remarked, so soon is it filled up again; nay
it is often but the place if not for something
better at least for something more agreeable
American manufacturers have an excel-
lent opportunity to spread the fame of
their warem by taking advantage of the in-
ducements held out by the Chilian inter-
national exhibition which is to open at
Santiago on the 16th of next September.
Free passage from New York is offered to
exhibitors with their goods. We expect
to see some of our own substantial Mil-
waukee manufacturers represented at that
extensive South American fair.
A Soell Sesation In WaBringty .
The latest social sensation, says the
Washington correspondent of the Boston
Herald, ise'that caused by the arrest of a
young man named St. Clair, otherwise
known as "Sis" Sinclair. This young man
found great enjoyment in attending the
numerous fashionable balls, parties, and
receptions given here during the present
winter, attired in the clothing of a fashion-
able belle of the season. His "get up"
was somewhat remarkable, and, strange to
say, he played his difficult part so wel that
he was not discovered until Wedneslay
evening last, while in attendance at the
sociabfe given by the Minnesota State As-
sociation at Masonic Temple. There he
attended, and attracted much attention,
being, as it were, one of the leading
belies  of the evening.    He    was
arrested soon after leaving the tem-
ple. He claims to be but fifteen
years old, but his father says he is
twenty. His dress was of the latest fash-
ion, and he wore four-button white kid
gloves. His hair ornomentations were pro-
cured at the same place where other belles
procure them, and were decidedly tasteful.
Hs managed his train with elegance and
ease. He has a very feminine appearance,
and as a lady would be called very good
looking. In the pocket of the dress was
found a note signed by a Southern and
somewhat obscure member of congress,
who has failed to be re-elected, requesting
the doorkeeper of the house galleries "to
admit the bearer at all times to the ladies'
gallery," besides three letters which he, as
"Miss Sinclair" had received from certain
male admirers and a female friend. The
case was "fixed" at the police court, and
no prosecution followed, though there were
a great many curious persons there yester-
day morning, who wanted to see the young
The Czar of Russia has an army of 3,-
300,000 able-bodied fighting men at his
disposal, Bismarck of Prussia has an
available force of 2,800,000 rugged Ger-
mans, while poor McMahon commands a
mere handfull of 1,800,000 feeble French-
Famine devours the east because the
east has nothing to devour. Asia pos-
sesses fertile soil enough but her people and
goiernment are stagnant.

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