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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

Soundings in the Pacific,   p. 479 PDF (370.8 KB)

Page 479

Tkhe Wi coiamn Lurw.tem4n79
enjoyment and our stock of knowledge of the
can befound and a comfortable place to stop
at all & Rice's Log cabin hotel, only twenty-
seven miles north of Shawano, on a good
stage road. Three miles east, on a smoother
road, is the Oconto, where trout abound.
This has become a favorite summer resort for
sporting gentlemen.
Business With Banks.
[From the Detreit Tribune.]
The attaches of banking institutions, as
well as post office clerks, railroad conduct-
ors, etc., are by a great many people sup-
posed to be walking encyclopedias and
public servants, expected to answer all
questions put to them, and to perform all
services4 required of them. A suffering
bank official has, therefore, adopted a few
rules to govern those who do business at
the banks, the following of which, it will
be noticed, will expedite transactions with
the money-changers wonderfully:
if you have any business with a bank,
put it off until three o'clock or, if possible,
a little later, as it looks more business-like
to rush in just as the bank is closing.
Never put stamps on your checks before
you get to the bank, but give the teller two
eents and ask him to lick it and cancel it
for you; theteiler expects to lick all the
stamps, and it is a source of disappoint-
ment to him when people insist on doing
it themselves, and will save him buying his
In depositing money, try and get it up-
side down and wrong end foremost, so
that the teller may have a little exercise
in straightening it before counting it.
It is beat not to take your bank book
with you, but call another time to have it
entered. You Wan thus make two trips
where one would answer.
If a check is made payable to your or-
der, be eareful not to endorse it before
handing it to the teller, but let him return
it to you and wait while you endorse it:
this helps to pass the time and is a pleas-
ure and a relief to the teller.
You can generally save time when
making a deposit by counting your money
down to the teller, and  you can nearly
always count more speedily and correctly
than he can.
If you make a deposit of $100 and give
a check for $50, it is a goid thing to call
frequently at the bank and ask how your
account stands, as it impresses the officers
favorably with your business qualifica-
Never keep any record of when your
notes fal due, and then if they are pro-
tested sensure the bank for not giving you
Always date your cheeks ahead; it is a
never-failing sign that you keep a good
balance in bank; or if vo% do not want it
generally known that you are doing a good
business, do not depoiit your money until
about the time you expect your check will
be in.
A strict observance of the foregoing
rules will make your accounts desirable for
any bank, and make you a general favorite
with all bank officers.
Soundins in the Pacific.
Captain Erben, of the United States
steamer Tuscarora, has just completed a
series of soundings between San Francisco
and Honolulu in the Sandwich Islands.
At the first cast, a short distance outside
the Farallones, bottom was reached in 435
fathoms. The depth then gradually in-
creased to 2,561 fathoms. In latitude 33
deg. 10 min. north, longitude 132 west, it
shoaled rapidly, and five miles further, in
latitude 32 deg. 58 min., it was found to
amount to 385 fathoms only. Thirteen
casts were taken here within a radius of
five miles, and these, as well as the lava
and coral brought up by the lead, clearly
proved the existence of a submarine volcano,
rising to a height of about 13,000 feet
above the gener  level of the ocean bed.
On leaving this spot the depth increased
r3pidly, and in latitude 24 deg. north longi-
tude 152 deg. west, it attained its maxi-
mum, viz., 3,115 fathoms. The tempera-
ture of the sea water at the bottom was
found to vary very little from 35 deg. or
36 deg. Fahrenheit.
Several of the western associations have
organized a grand running and trotting
circuit of the principal cities in the Mis-
souri valley.  The tour will consume from
May 25 to June 18.
Colonel McDaniel offers to match ten of
his two-year-olds against any ten colts
owned by a single individual in the United
States for $2500 each race. The chalenge
is directed mainly to Messrs. August Bel-
mont and Pierre LoriDard.
Daniels. the Massachusetts billiard
champion, issues a general challenge to
the New York experts, offering to play
Daly or Cyril Dion for the odds of 200
points in 600, Vignaux 300 in 700, Gar-
mer 250 in 700, each gaeue to be for $250
a side.

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