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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

The Wisconsin lumberman. April, 1873,   pp. [1]-7 PDF (1.5 MB)

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APR&IL, 1873.
I  r hav e e oninie nced tbs n l ili iation *ol , vidi 211 years ago wias
beariug only sap-
tile 1VI-.soX-IX.  w1'3;UR   ~N \iiti :I Vi'wV ili. pil!('; iidi(lting that
some varieties
(*fttniri hiiiig. eal(u I I tuiaith. .I a  -;IiaPI v fitIII
of i tiI*IiiultilIiI to t II Olt  g' Igt, I inI eit Iet
the 1in:wititurIme or ,.a li lujuilnbur.  Ceim.-
tr;lyI lIocat.l u-itbin th   are:L ot tll( great
West. ra pi., rivs.  o ur Oportunliities    fi
.r.saionl uigtInt     :lstrvati imiaud tfaciliti.e  f, i.l
,wat lili,:g  t ltis in.l iorilla~tionl. :it-( tili-
surpa-ed<,.   We . 1,) no<t jprop,cl,>   t<> partie-
ul~lriv~exuesit lhis. oar a-o-  .thzr  lnoe. Ii -
It Pitic growv with  a.totihisling rapidity,
Ind that huinildreds ot years will elapse ere
the iminiviise pilwries of Wisconsin shall
Ibt comipletely destroyed.
HAtternut Timber.
IIninese forests of superior quality of
Blutternuit tiuilper exist in NorthernI Wis-
-onslll.  As vet the attentiou of  Iltuber-
- - - - _-I-. -..- .-..~  ~ r  .en ih not drawn tovards the fiact that
ty, but sia:1l use miiir uttInoit cut lea v rs to-
Butternut lunber is rapidly assulmling fii-
wards Ibtiliai:l- tfliv support aind colrtesv
- vor amiong the people for almost every
(if tile L'unibernien of' flie west l~v ezon- . ..
Larticle ot furniture.  There being such
densing. ft;r their use and lbenteit all in '
-  large qjuaintities of the timber, its higi
torination possible relacive to mnatters o)f
price iudic-ates that little attention is giv-
intercst to themi. The presenit numilber is
en to its tanufimcture. From Chicago re-
necessarily inlcomepletc in very imanmy par-n,
ports we nake the following comparisons
ticulars, as means of ohtainiing stati.ties  f value
can only be adopted as the LUMBEIAN     Black Walnutclear ..    ..  .   
progresses in the flivor of its p:Ltroas,. B~tru.(6.
progesss i til ilvor*xtits atr)ilw \Butternut, ...............................
........... 25 CM 66.
While first and second clear pine
Growth of Pine TImnber.          ra'nge from                   48 @s 5u.
JossEH Mc McEWENx of WauLsIau, whIo '   There is rare opl)portunity for lumber-
has had very large experience among the imen to cagage exclusively in the
pineries of Wisconsin, stated to us not long facture of butternut lumber.
Ia this por-
since that fair logging opperations have tion of the State Butternut lands
are yet
been carried on the jstst  inter on land nominal in value.

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