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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

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Page 526

5Ie Wscosin Lunmsrman.
The worm that produces what is
known as powder post in hickory or
oak is not indigenous to the wood,
neither is it the same insect as the
borer, although operating at the
same time and in a similar manner.
The borer is the least troublesome,
as it will not deposit its eggs where
the bark is removed, but the insect
that produces the powder post worm
will deposit its eggs in the interstices
of the surface, and, after the worm is
hatched, it works in seasoned as well
as partially seasoned timber, always
following the porous strata of the
wool Experienced has shown that
the ravages of these worms may be
greatly checked, if not entirely pre-
vented, by cutting the tree at the time
of year when it contains the least
sap.  The practice is, of course,
governed by the locality, the safest
time being the two months following
the fallofthe leaves. At this period
the wood is more compactthan at
any other, and there is less substance
for the worm to subsist on. Some
object to cutting the timber at this
season, on the ground that it is not
as tough and heavy as when cut in
the early spring, and they claim that
the ravages of the insect may be pre-
vented by removing the bark and
placing the timber in a dark place
until it is well seasoned. Steaming
will kill all in the wood at the time,
but, if not properly guarded against,
there is the same probability of the
insect depositing its eggs as when
the timber is filled with sap. The
question as to what will entirely pre-
vent powder post, although often dis-
cussed, is as far from being solved as
ever; almost every person handling
the wood has a different opinion, but
we believe that if cut and treated as
we suggest there will be but little
difficulty experienced from these
worms.-Cmwage Jownial
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