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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

Alpena Lumber Company. An extensive and prosperous corporation--the company's mill at Alpena, Mich, and yards at Cleveland, Ohio--capacity of the--mill 13,000,000 feet per year--storage capacity of yards at Cleveland 5,000,000 feet--future plans of the company,   pp. 489-490 PDF (759.5 KB)

Page 489

Tle Wisconsin Lumberman.
An Extensive and Prosperous Corporation-
The Company's Kl at Alpena, KMic, and
Yards at Cleveland. Ohio-Capacity of the
-Kill 13,000,000 Feet per Year-Storage
Capacity of Yards at Cleveland 5,000,000
Feet-Future Plans of the Company.
The Cleveland, Ohio, Commercial
Review gives an interesting descrip-
tive account of the Alpena Lumber
Company. We remember, with pleas-
ure, meeting the gentlemen of the
Alpena Lumber Company, at Cleve-
land, and can heartily endorse all
that the Commercial Review says in
the following article:
The Alpena Lumber Company is a
comparatively recent organization,
but the business it controls has been
established for a number of years,
and is one of the most extensive in
connection with the lumber trade.
On the first of February last the Al-
pena Lumber Company succeeded
Geo. Prentiss & Co., as proprietor of
an extensive saw mill, dock facilities,
etc., At Alpena, MichigaD, and an ex-
tensive tract of pine timber land in
that state, the lumber business hav-
ing been carried on by the retiring
firm for about four years, with no-
table success. Immediatelyupon the
company succeeding to the business,
arrangements were effected for a ma-
terial addition to the facilities and an
expansion and enlargement in every
direction. The mill at Alpena re-
ceived the improvements and ad-
ditions that were found necessary,
and the company established an ex-
tensive yard in this city, and every
condition was supplied necessary to
enable the company to carry on the
business, as expressed by one of its
officers, "from the stump up." The
facilities of the company at Alpena,
are of the most complete character.
The mill has a capacity of 13.000,000
feet of lumber per year, and is fitted
with the very best machinery. The
company are now building a large I
dock that will enclose a boom exten-
sive enough to accommodate 5,000,
000 feet of logs, and which will be
one of the finest booms on the shore.
The company have made calculations
for turning out about 8,000,000 feet
of lumber the present season. In
connection with the mill there is a
clapboard manufactory, which pro-
duces 1,000,000 feet per year of four
foot clapboards exclusively for the
eastern market. It is in contempla-
tion by the company to add a plan-
ing mill as soon as it can be practi-
cally done. The yards of the com-
pany in this city are located on the
Flats, west of Seneca street and near
the coal docks of the Cleveland, Col-
umbus & Cincinnati railroad, the
office occupied being that of the late
firm of Wm. !I utchinson & Co. These
yards are extensive, having room for
the storage of 5,000,000 feet of lum-
ber. The dock of the company here
is 256 feet front by one 170 feet deep.
Next season the company will own
barges and tow, arrangements to this
end being about perfected. The com-
pany own pine timber lands with a
present available growth of 80,000,000
feet the fi estin Michigan. It will thus
be seen that the company has every
facility at command for meeting all
orders promptly, and the energy and
enterprise thus far exhibited are an
assurance of future success. At pres-
ent the company has several con-
tracts to fill, among them one with
Charles B. Hathaway, of Philadel-
phia, for supplying the stringers for
the Superior and Broadway street
railroads, and one for the Southside
street railroad, of this city, aggrega-
ting 406,000 feet.
The company has ample capital,
and is composed of experienced and
enterprising business  men.  The
officers are as follows:
President-Geo. Prentiss, Detroit.
Vice President-Loren Prentiss,
Secretary and Treasurer-Perry
Prentiss, Cleveland.

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